INPT – DBT Group Activity Note


The following DBT skills were offered to [text name="variable_1" default="the Patient"] in today's DBT Skills Group:

[checkbox value="Observing - paying attention and noticing what is happening inside and outside of themselves|Participate - be active and engaged in their experience|Self Soothe - use the five senses to feel comforted and nurtured|IMPROVE the Moment - replace difficult events with enjoyable events|Half Smile - put a smile on their face|Creative Outlet - put their emotional energy into creativity|Opposite to emotion - do the opposite to what their difficult emotions are telling them to do|Feel your feelings - let your emotions naturally come and go|DBT Mindfulness of Walking|DBT - Mindfulness of Art"]. 

In particular, [text name="variable_1" default="the Patient"] was encouraged to: [checkbox value="walk mindfully around the local area|participate in a yoga session|participate in an exercise session|mindfully listen to music|express themselves with gel pen art|express themselves with watercolour art|express themselves with pastel colour art|self-soothe with paint and foam textures|learn basic DBT emotional regulation skills|play the piano accordian|play the violin|play the bass guitar|play the guitar|play the electric keyboard|play a drum|play with a percussion instrument|play the flute|play the xylophone"]. 

[text name="variable_1" default="The Patient"] was observed: [checkbox value="attending but not participating at all|superficially participating|not participating to their best effort|selectively participating|fully participating with enthusiasm"], as evidenced by [textarea name="variable_1" default=""].

The following DBT skills were offered to in today's DBT Skills Group:


In particular, was encouraged to: .

was observed: , as evidenced by

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