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[checklist name="Interventions" value="Asked open ended questions|utilized reflective listening|conducted mental status exam|provided psychoeducation around|modeled technique|used exercise|Used motivational interviewing to increase motivation around"]

[textarea name="variable_1" default=""]

[checklist name="variable_1" value="behavior modification|cbt |choice making |client centered|communication skills |coping skills |crisis |crisis intervention|dbt|family/couples |flat |grief work |hallucinations |limit setting |mindfulness |motivational interviewing |parenting skills |positive reinforcement |problem solving |psychoeducation |rapport building |reality testing |redirection |reframing |relaxation training |role playing |stress reduction |structural family therapy |support linking |supportive interaction |telephone call|solution focused |support linking|supportive therapy|coping skills|validation|pt centered "]

[checklist name="to" value="In Order to...
|Reduce pt sx of
|help pt articulate feelings about
|encourage pt to share thoughts around
|help pt make plan around"]

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