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At present, patient:
[checkbox name="variable_5" value="demonstrates symptomatology consistent with DSM-V diagnoses that require, and can reasonably expected to respond to, therapeutic intervention;"]
[checkbox name="variable_1" value="displays acute psychiatric condition associated with a relatively sudden onset and a short severe course;"]
[checkbox name="variable_2" value="displays a marked exacerbation of symptoms associated with a more persistent, recurring psychiatric disorder;"]
[checkbox name="variable_3" value=" and poses significant danger to self or others"]
[checkbox name="variable_4" value=" and displays severe psychosocial disfunction| as evidenced by:"]
[checkbox name="variable_6" value="homicidal thoughts with plan| suicide attempt that is serious by degree of lethality and intentionality| suicidal ideation with plan and means| impulsive behavior and/or intoxication is present| the presence of continued feelings of helplessness and/or hopelessness, severely depressed mood, recent significant losses, and the lack of available responsible support system| current threats or behavior resulting from a psychiatric diagnosis with a clear risk of escalation of future repetition| a recent history of significant self mutilation (non-chronic), significant risk-taking or loss of impulse control resulting in danger to self or others| a recent history of violence resulting from a psychiatric disorder| command hallucinations directing harm to self or others| disordered/bizarre behavior or psychomotor agitation or retardation and interferes with activities of daily living to such a degree that the patient cannot function a less intensive level of care| disorientation and memory impairment that is due to a psychiatric disorder and endangers the welfare of the patient or others| patient manifests major disability and social, interpersonal, occupational and/or educational functioning that is leading to dangerous or life-threatening functioning and can only be addressed in an acute inpatient setting| inability to maintain adequate nutrition or self-care due to a psychiatric disorder and family/community support cannot
Upon to provide essential care| patient has experience severe life-threatening side effects of atypical complexity from using therapeutic psychotropic drugs| there is a coexisting medical illness that complicates the psychiatric illness or treatment. Together, illnesses or treatment pose a higher risk for the patient and cannot be managed outside a 24-hour treatment setting"]
At present, patient:

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