Kate’s Follow-Up Subjective

Patient presents [select name="variable_7" value="on time|5 minutes early|10 minutes early|15 minutes early|5 minutes late|10 minutes late|via telephone call|via video conference call"]for follow-up appointment.  [checkbox name="variable_10023" value="Met with patient| individually.|and parent together with patient permission.|individually followed by patient and parent together.|and family members together with patient permission.|Case manager is also present for appointment."] Patient reports [select name="variable_13" value="adherence|nonadherence|intermittent adherence|inconsistent adherence"] with medication and [select name="variable_58" value="denies adverse effects.|notes adverse effects of"][text name="variable_1544" default=""] Patient endorses current symptoms of [checkbox value="depression|anxiety|aggression|irritability|impulsivity|inattention|hyperactivity|panic attacks|withdrawn|sleep difficulties|paranoia|nightmares|auditory hallucinations|visual hallucinations"] [textarea memo="other" default="" rows="1"]
which [select name="variable_13980" value="he|she |they"] [select name="variable_1878" value="reports|report"] is [checkbox value="about the same as it has been.| better than it has been.| somewhat worse than it has been.| significantly worse than it has been."] [textarea memo="other" default="" rows="1"]
Patient's sleep has been [select name="variable_16446" value="good|ok|limited|interrupted|about the same"]. [select name="variable_4545" value="His|Her|Their"] appetite [select name="variable_456" value="has been good|has been about the same|is limited|has been ok|is excessive"]. Patient [select name="variable_7891" value="endorses|denies|declined to answer questions regarding"] substance use/abuse. [checkbox name="variable_6633221" value="Reports positive for:|alcohol|cannabis|tobacco|opiates|methamphetamine|benzodiazepines"].  Patient [select name="variable_89415" value="attends therapy regularly|is not currently in counseling|reports inconsistency with counseling|is not interested in counseling at this time."] Patient [select name="variable_56321" value="endorses chronic, passive SI.|endorses SI without plan or intent.|denies SI.|endorses worsening SI.|endorses SI with plan. Denies intent.|endorses SI with plan and intentention."] [text name="variable_891" default=" "]

[checkbox name="variable_178923" value="PDMP Reviewed:|Consistent with current prescriptions.|Inconsistent with currently prescribed medications."]
Patient presents for follow-up appointment. Patient reports with medication and Patient endorses current symptoms of
which is
Patient's sleep has been . appetite . Patient substance use/abuse. . Patient Patient

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