MH Psychology Group

S. Pt attended Psychology Education Group on:[textarea default=""]

O. Engagement: [checkbox value="no concerns - warm, chatty, and engaged well|avoided eye contact|over-familiar and crossing boundaries|fixed staring|glaring at author|tense facial expression|dependent and needy|dramatic and exaggerating concerns|passive and difficult to engage|uninterested|silly and joking around|resistant|critical and verbally combative|hostile and threatening|sarcastic and taunting|irritable|fatuous|flirtatious|demanding|threatening|guarded|paranoid|defensive and resistant|cold, aloof and inaccessible|manipulative|argumentative"]
Attention: [checkbox value="no concerns - attended well|seemed unaware|inattentive|distractible|hyper-vigilant|scattered concentration|preoccupied|confused|focused on irrelevancies"]
Affect observed: [checkbox value="mainly euthymic|tearful|labile|restricted|blunted |flat|dysphoric|anxious|angry |apathetic|ashamed|prideful|sad|irritable|hostile|pessimistic|depressed|manic|euphoric|unable to rate"]
Speech: [checkbox value="spontaneous|normal RTV|abnormal RTV|clear and articulate|selectively mute|mute|loud|laconic|verbose|quiet|pressured|rambling|babbling|incongruent with mood and current circumstances|mute - unable to rate"]
Thinking: [checkbox value="logical|linear|rigid and concrete|personalizing|persecutory|indecisive|unrealistic|difficulties of reference|magical ideas of influence|distorted|pseudologica fantastica|memory difficulties|provided unnecessary detail (circumstantial)|wandered between many topics (tangential)|jumped from one idea to another (loose associations)|racing thoughts (flight of ideas)|abruptly changed topic or stopped mid-sentence (thought blocking)|tended to loop or repeat themes (obsessive)|stuck on over-valued ideas (preoccupations)|unable to rate"]
Behaviour: [checkbox value="appropriate|struggled to engage in group setting|unable to engage in appropriate group behaviours"]
Posture: [checkbox value="relaxed|rigid|ill-at-ease|stooped|confident|aggressive|tense|slumped|unable to rate"]
Movement: [checkbox value="unremarkable|odd / peculiar|slowed|repetitive|restless|agitated|tremorous|unable to rate"]

A. Participated [checkbox value="well and actively engaged and group.|intermittently. Selectively engaged with the group.|poorly. Did not engage with the group today.|poorly. Left the group early"]

[textarea cols=60 rows=30 default=""]

P. [textarea cols=60 rows=30 default="Pt invited to chat with author after group to clarify and reflect on key concepts.|No further plans with the group material and no concerns with the Pt."] 

S. Pt attended Psychology Education Group on:

O. Engagement:
Affect observed:

A. Participated


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