MSE [date default="date"]
[comment memo="demographics"]
[text name="name"] is a [text name="age"]-year-old [select name="gender" value="|male|female|non-binary|gender diverse"][text name=""] of [text name="background"] background. They were [textarea cols="100" rows="5" default="  build/clothing/LOC/medical state/hygiene/grooming/tattoos/scars/injuries"]
[comment memo="behaviours"]
They were [select value="|cooperative |hostile |overly friendly |secretive |evasive |suspicious |apathetic |easily distracted |focused |defensive |demanding |over familiar"] [textarea cols="20" rows="1"].
[comment memo="body language"]
Eye contact was [select value="|normal| avoidant|intense|distant"][textarea cols="20" rows="1"]. They had a [select value="| normal| brisk| slow| limp| stiff| clumsy"][textarea cols="20" rows="1"] gait and [select value="| open| closed| slouched"][textarea cols="20" rows="1"] posture. There was [select value="| no evidence of psychomotor changes| psychomotor retardation| psychomnotor agitation"][textarea cols="20" rows="1"]. 
[comment memo="speech"]
Their speech was [select value="|of normal rate|rapid|slow|pressured"][textarea cols="20" rows="1"], [select value="|normal volume|loud|soft|whispered|monotonous"][textarea cols="20" rows="1"], [select value="|clear|hesitant|rambling|stuttering|articulate|slurred"][textarea cols="20" rows="1"], with a [select value="|normal|delayed|rapid"] response time. 
[comment memo="mood/affect"]
[var name="name"] [select value="|did not comment on their mood|reported their mood as "][textarea cols="20" rows="1"], their mood was observed as [select value="|bright|euphoric|euthymic|anxious|depressed|irritable|euphoric|angry|indifferent| detatched"] and affect as [select value="|normal|flat|blunted"] and [select value="|appeared congruent|appeared incongruent"][textarea cols="20" rows="1"]
[comment memo="thought form"]
Thought form appeared [select value="|coherent and logical|disordered"],[textarea cols="65" rows="5"]
[comment memo="circumstantial, tangential, derailment, looseness of associations, word salad; any evidence of Poverty of thought (thought blocking), poverty of content (perseveration), racing thoughts, flight of ideas."]
[comment memo="thought content"]
[var name="name"] described [select value="|no delusions"][textarea cols="65" rows="5"]
[var name="name"] [select value="|declines suicidal ideation or intent|reports passive suicidality| reports active ideation without planning or intent|reports active ideation and planning but without intent|reports active ideation, planning and intent"][textarea cols="65" rows="3"]. [var name="name"] [select value="|declines deliberate thoughts of self harm|reports thoughts of self harm but not acting on thoughts|reports active deliberate self harm|reports prior self harm - but no active thoughts"][textarea cols="65" rows="3"]. [var name="name"] [select value="|declines risk of harm to others|reports ideations of harming others| reports active plan and intent to harm others"][textarea cols="65" rows="3"]
[comment memo="Perception"]
[var name="name"] [select value="|denied any perceptual disturbance"][textarea cols="65" rows="5"] and they [select value=" were responding to non-apparent stimuli|did not appear to be responding to NAS"] 
[comment memo="memory cognition"]
[select value="|Cognition and memory not formally assessed"][textarea cols="40" rows="2"] 
[comment memo="Insight/Judgement"]
They currently have [select value="|good|partial|poor"] insight [textarea cols="65" rows="3"]. They are showing [select value="|intact|partial|impaired"] judgemnt [textarea cols="65" rows="3"]
is a -year-old of background. They were

They were
body language
Eye contact was
. They had a
gait and
posture. There was
Their speech was
, with a response time.
, their mood was observed as and affect as and

thought form
Thought form appeared ,

circumstantial, tangential, derailment, looseness of associations, word salad; any evidence of Poverty of thought (thought blocking), poverty of content (perseveration), racing thoughts, flight of ideas.
thought content
name described

. name
. name

and they
memory cognition

They currently have insight
. They are showing judgemnt

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