Orientation:[select name="MSE_1" value="Alert and oriented X4|unable to assess due to cognitive impairment"]; Affect:[select name="MSE_2" value="Full range|Flat|Tearful at times|Flat, tearful & congruent with depressed & anxious mood|Appropriate to mood and thoughts|Inapporpriate to mood and thoughtsRestricted in range and mood congruent"]; Observed: [select name="MSE_3" value="WNL|Crying|Mild agitation when discussing stressor|moderate agitation when discussing stressor|yawning"]; Speech:[select name="MSE_4" value="WNL|Normal rate and rhythm, not pressured|Pressured at times|soft"]; Behavior: [select name="MSE_5" value="WNL|Left room to use bathroom"]; Thought process:[select name="MSE_6" value="WNL|Logical, linear, goal directed|circumstantial|Circumstantial but redirectable|Tangential"]; SI/HI:
[select name="MSE_7" value="Not indicated|denied|SI endorsed/HI denied"]
Orientation:; Affect:; Observed: ; Speech:; Behavior: ; Thought process:; SI/HI:

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Sandbox Metrics: Structured Data Index 1, 7 form elements, 10 boilerplate words, 7 drop downs, 7 total clicks
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