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[comment memo="Symptom Description and Subjective Report" memo_size="large" memo_style="bold"]
Client reports [checkbox value="increased|decreased|no significant change in|variable"] symptoms of [checkbox value="anxiety|depression|PTSD|Bipolar|OCD|ADHD"] including but not limited to [checkbox value="rumination|panic|somatic symptoms|worry|negative self talk|hypervigilence|avoidance|sleep disturbance|anger|irritable mood|restlessness|hopelessness|low motivation|low energy|nightmares|feelings of impending doom|cognitive distortions|suicidal ideation|tearfulness|loss of interest in activities|boundary issues|communication issues|self esteem issues|concentration/focus issues|executive functioning deficits|impulse control issues|emotional regulation issues|obsessions|compulsions|guilt|shame|feeling worthless|fear|appetite problems|eating problems|interpersonal issues|self care deficits|loneliness|feeling tense|social isolation|intrusive thoughts|self harm behaviors"], etc. Client reports triggers/stressors including but not limited to [checkbox value ="family conflict|conflict in interpersonal relationship with partner|peer conflict|financial stressors|trauma reminders|school stressors|life transitions|work related stressors|medication management issues|medication changes|cormorbid physical health issues"]. Client indicates [checkbox value="significant|some|maintained|no significant change regarding|ongoing|regression of"] progress in areas of [checkbox value="mindfulness|emotional regulation|assertion of healthy boundaries|utilizing assertive communication skills|use of cognitive coping skills outside of sessions|overall reduced anxiety|overall reduced depression|reduced avoidance of triggers/stressors"] since last session.
[comment memo="Objective Content" memo_size="large" memo_style="bold"]
Session focused on [checkbox value="exploration and assessment of above mentioned symptoms and impact on client moods and functioning across settings and roles|exploration and processing of above mentioned triggers/stressors and impact on client moods and overall functioning|exploration and confrontation of cognitive distortions impacting client moods and behaviors|increasing mindfulness|ongoing psychoeducation regarding CBT and evidence based interventions|increasing self esteem and self confidence|increasing positive self talk|increasing healthy boundaries in relationships with self and others|increasing assertive communication skills|increasing executive functioniong skills|increasing social skills|increasing insight into self sabotage behaviors|increasing insight into triggers/stressors impacting moods and functioning|exploration and processing of past traumas|increasing healthy coping skills|increasing cognitive coping and emotional regulation skills|increasing behavioral activation towards goals|increasing self care|increasing interpersonal skills including empathy and perpsective taking|building rapport to improve therapeutic relationship|"], etc. Client was [checkbox value="engaged|somewhat engaged|not engaged"] in session and responded [checkbox value="positively|somewhat positively|negatively"] to interventions AEB [checkbox value="verbalized insight into above mentioned progress to date|verbalized insight into thoughts and feelings surrounding above mentioned stressors and triggers|participation in processing of past trauma|verbalized insight into cognitive distortions impacting moods and behaviors|demonstrated increased mindfulness|use of cognitive coping skills|verbalized insight into stressors and triggers|verbalized insight into accountability for own behaviors"], etc.
Symptom Description and Subjective Report
Client reports symptoms of including but not limited to , etc. Client reports triggers/stressors including but not limited to . Client indicates progress in areas of since last session.
Objective Content
Session focused on , etc. Client was in session and responded to interventions AEB , etc.

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