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[checkbox name="variable_1" value="The client reported that he/she/they feel deeply sad and have periods of tearfulness or irritability on an almost daily basis|The client's depressed affect was clearly evident within the session as tears were shed on more than one occasion|The client reported that he/she/they have begun to feel less sad and irritable and can experience periods of joy|The client appeared to be more happy within the session, and there is no evidence of tearfulness|The client reported that he/she/they have not had a normal and consistent appetite|The client's loss of appetite has resulted in a significant weight loss associated with the depression. As the depression has begun to lift, the client's appetite has increased|The client reported that his/her/their appetite is at normal levels|The client reported a diminished interest in or enjoyment of activities that were previously found pleasurable|The client has begun to involve oneself with activities that he/she/they previously found pleasurable|The client has returned to an active interest in and enjoyment of activities|The client demonstrated psychomotor agitation within the session|The client reported that with the onset of the depression, he/she/they have felt unable to relax or sit quietly|The client reported a significant decrease in psychomotor agitation and the ability to sit more quietly. It was evident within the session that the client has become more relaxed and less agitated|The client demonstrated evidence of psychomotor retardation within the session|The client moved and responded very slowly, showing a lack of energy and motivation|As the depression has lifted, the client has responded more quickly and psychomotor retardation has diminished"]

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