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Patient is currently displaying [select value="symptoms of|well managed|moderately managed|poorly managed"] [checkbox value="depression|anxiety|sleep disturbance|psychosis|substance abuse|cognitive impairment|impulsivity|mood lability|alcohol dependence|opiate dependence|autism spectrum disorder"][textarea memo="other" default="" rows="1"] which is [select value="likely caused by|likely exacerbated by|likely the result of"] [checkbox value="their cancer diagnosis|their cancer treatment|their unmanaged depressive disorder|their unmanaged anxiety disorder|their unmanaged bipolar disorder|interpersonal/family conflict|current psychopharmaceutical intervention|current psychotherapy|current psychosocial support systems"][textarea memo="other" default="" rows="1"]. Patient would benefit from [checkbox value="initiation of psychopharmaceutical intervention|continued psychopharmaceutical intervention|adjustments to current psychopharmaceutical intervention|initiation of psychotherapy|continuation of current psychotherapy|engaging in grief therapy|engaging in CBT|engaging in family therapy|enhanced psychosocial supports|increasing personal time and self-care"]. Prognosis is [select value="good|fair|poor"] considering the patient [select value="remains adherent to|actively engages in"] medication and therapy to address [textarea memo="target of treatment" rows="1"][checkbox value=" and whether they are able to engage constructively with social supports"]. [checkbox value="Barriers to success include: "][checkbox value="current apprehension to engage in psychopharmaceutical intervention|current apprehension to engage in structured psychotherapy|current emotional distress of recent cancer diagnosis|limited social supports|dysfunctional interpersonal relationships"][textarea memo="barriers" rows="1"]. [checkbox value="Patient strength for success include: "][checkbox value="expression of willingness to engage in treatment recommendations|positive social supports|are well connected with outpatient supports|history of actively engaging in mental-health treatment"][textarea memo="strengths" rows="1"]. [textarea rows="5"]
Patient is currently displaying other which is other. Patient would benefit from . Prognosis is considering the patient medication and therapy to addresstarget of treatment . barriers. strengths.

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