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Patient [checkbox value="maintained safety throughout the shift|was active and appropriate in the milieu|required redirections for disruptive behavior multiple times this shift|required redirections to maintain appropriate boundaries with peers this shift|was receptive to redirections|was not receptive to redirections|accepted scheduled medications without difficulty|isolated from the milieu throughout the majority of the shift|refused treatment programming|was present in the milieu but displayed minimal participation in treatment programming|displayed minimal interactions with peers"][text size="20"]. Patient denied [checkbox value="suicidal ideation|homicidal ideation|auditory hallucinations|visual hallucinations|withdrawal concerns|adverse effects of medications"]. Patient presented as [checkbox value="Bright|Euthymic|Constricted|Blunted|Flat|Dysphoric|Anxious|Depressed|Sad|Tearful|Agitated|Irritable|Labile"]. [textarea cols="80" rows="8"] [checkbox value="Fall precautions maintained throughout the shift|1:1 monitoring maintained throughout the shift"][textarea cols="20" rows="4"]. Plan to [checkbox value="Maintain fall precautions|continue encouraging patient to maintain appropriate boundaries with peers and staff|continue encouraging patient to minimize disruptive behavior in the milieu|continue encouraging patient to utilize coping skills to improve mood regulation|continue encouraging patient to accept scheduled medication|continue encouraging patient to participate in treatment programming|continue to monitor patient for safety|continue 1:1 staffing while awake"]. CCardurns, PMHNP-BC
Patient . Patient denied . Patient presented as .
. Plan to . CCardurns, PMHNP-BC

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