History of Presenting Illness:[text name="name" memo="Patient name" size="20"] is a [text memo="age" size="2"]-year-old,[select name= value="African American|white|Asian|Hispanic|mixed ethnicity"],[checkbox value="single|married|divorced|partnered"][checkbox value="cis-gender female|cis-gender male|transgender female|transgender male|gender non-binary individual"][text memo="other gender" value="20"]
[var name="name"] that [select value="presents via telehealth|presents in this outpatient appointment "][select value="alone|with family |with significant other |with DHHS worker |with case manager |by police|"][text memo="names" size="20"][select value=" for an initial evaluation and management of | due to reports of |"][checkbox value="depression|anxiety|cognitive impairment|impulsivity|mood lability|ptsd|ADHD|hypomania|irritability|flashbacks|paranoia|hallucination|eating Distress|Addiction|suicidal ideation|innatentiveness|Low Self-Esteem|sleep disturbance|Relationship Issues|depressed mood|loss of interest/pleasure|weight loss|weight gain|insomnia| hypersomnia|psychomotor retardation|psychomotor agitation|fatigue|feelings of worthlessness/excessive or inappropriate guilt|decreased concentration/indecisiveness|thoughts of death/suicide|excessive anxiety and worry|finds it difficult to control the worry|anxiety and worry are associated with restlessness or feeling keyed up or on edge|being easily fatigued|dificulty concentrating or mind going blank|irritability|muscle tension|sleep disturbance|panic attacks"] [textarea memo="other" default="" rows="1"
Pt, presenting with: [checkbox value="acute mental health distress|multiple complex psychosocial issues|a developmental disorder|schizophrenia spectrum disorder|a situational crisis|thoughts of suicide|thoughts of harm to others|thoughts of self-harm|bipolar disorder|depressive disorder|anxiety disorder|OCD|a trauma and stress related disorder|a dissociative disorder|a somatic symptom disorder|a feeding and eating related disorder|an elimination related disorder|a sleep-wake disorder|sexual dysfunction|gender dysphoria|impulse control related disorder|substance related disorder|a neurocognitive disorder|a personality disorder"] [textarea default=""], which per pt reported the symptoms are characterised by : [checkbox value="fear and worry|panic|behavioural avoidance|clinging and neediness|pacing|anxiety|irritability|low mood|sadness|inner emptiness|anhedonia|poor concentration|disturbed sleep cycle|guilt|low self-worth|hopelessness|thoughts of suicide|disturbed sleep|dissociation|provocative behaviours|compulsions|domineering others|eccentricities|emotional detachment|negativism|denial|projection|splitting|passivity|loss of appetite|increase in appetite|lethargy|euphoria|excessive energy|talkativeness|racing thoughts|grandiosity|impulsivity|insomnia|decreased need for sleep|flashbacks|nightmares|intrusive thoughts|heightened threat sensitivity|perceptual disturbance|disorganised thinking|disorganised behaviours|agitation|cognitive difficulties|speech difficulties|hallucinations|delusions|vulnerabilty to exploitation|social withdrawal|amotivation|impaired reality-testing|unhealthy weight loss|unhealthy weight gain|medical problems associated with low BMI|body dysmorphia|alexithymia|medical problems associated with high BMI|family discord|purging|unhealthy weight loss techniques|preoccupation with food|over-valued body ideals|inattention|distractibility|hyperactivity|intellectual difficulties|social difficulties|obsessions|unhealthy preoccupations|cognitive inflexibility|poor social reciprocity|language difficulties|insightlessness|treatment refusal|poor medication adherence|legal difficulties|debts|reputational damage|housing difficulties|unemployment|poverty|unhealthy lifestyle choices|financial stress|oppositional behaviours|substance misuse|alcohol dependence|opiate dependence|autism spectrum disorder"]
Which per pt reports it started [text memo="number of" value="20"][checkbox name="variable_1" value="weeks|months|years"]
with the first age of symptom onset being their: [select name="symptom_onset_age" value="Childhood|Adolescence|Adulthood"]
[select value="The patient reports |The family reports |The Guardian reports |The case manager reports |Electronic records indicate |Police report indicates |"][select value="a past history of|no history of mental health concerns until |no history of mental health concerns|"][textarea memo="Mental health history" rows="2"]. [checkbox name="depression" memo="depression" value=""][checkbox name="anxiety" memo="anxiety" value=""][checkbox name="sleep" memo="sleep" value=""][checkbox name="mood" memo="mood" value=""][checkbox name="ptsd" memo="ptsd" value=""][checkbox name="adhd" memo="adhd" value=""][checkbox name="autism" memo="autism" value=""][conditional field="depression" condition="(depression).is('')"]
[var name="name"]'s depression is characterized as [checkbox value="little interest or pleasure in doing things|hopelessness|helplessness|sleeping too much|difficulty getting to sleep|difficulty staying asleep|feeling tired or having little energy|poor appetite|overeating|feelings of inadequacy|irritability|poor concentration|psychomotor retardation|psychomotor agitation|suicidal ideation"]. [select value="Depressive symptoms are present most of the day, nearly every day|Depressive symptoms are mostly present |"][text size="20"][select value=", are exacerbated by |"][text size="20][select value=", are improved by |"][text size="20]. [select value="Depressive symptoms impact|"][select value=" social/work functioning by | "][textarea rows="1"].
Client rates depression [select value="1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10"]/10 with 10 being the worst.[textarea memo="Additional Depression information" rows="5"][/conditional]

[conditional field="anxiety" condition="(anxiety).is('')"]
[var name="name"]'s anxiety generally presents as [checkbox value="feeling nervous or on edge|worry|difficulty relaxing|feeling restless|difficulty getting to sleep|difficulty staying asleep|irritability|poor appetite|overeating"][text size="20]. [select value="Anxiety is present |"][select value="in the context of multiple different situations/events such as |primarily in social situations such as | "][textarea rows="1"]. [select value="Anxiety usually last for approximately |Anxiety is present most of the time on most days"][text size="20"][select value=", is brought on by |"][text size="20][select value=", is relieved by |"][text size="20]. Client rates anxiety [select value="1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10"]/10 with 10 being the worst. [textarea memo="Additional Anxiety information" rows="5"][/conditional][conditional field="mood" condition="(mood).is('')"]

[select value=" Mood instability has been an issue since |"][text size="20"]. [select value="Disordered mood can present as |"][checkbox value="euphoria|excessive energy|excessive self-confidence|insomnia|irritability|agitation|racing thoughts|impulsive behavior|risk taking behavior|paranoia|delusions of grandeur|auditory hallucinations|visual hallucinations|depression|apathy|hopelessness|helplessness|suicidal thoughts|no motivation|hypersomnia"]. [select value="Mood lability is exacerbated by |There are no identified precipitating factors to mood lability|"][textarea rows="1"]. [textarea memo="additional information of mood lability" rows="4"][/conditional][conditional field="autism" condition="(autism).is('')"]

[select value="Per patient,|Per family,|Per record,|"][text size="20"][select value=" they have been | patient has been |"][select value="diagnosed|undiagnosed|"][text size="20"][select value=" autism spectrum disorder "][textarea memo="details of diagnosis/symptom timeframe" rows="4"]. [var name="name"]'s symptoms present as persistent difficulty, in multiple contexts, with social communication and interaction including: [checkbox value="abnormal or failed back and forth conversation|failure to initiate or respond to social interactions|reduced sharing of interests/emotions|limited emotional affect|limited/incongruent nonverbal communication|difficulty with developing/maintaining/understanding relationships|difficulty sharing imaginative play|limited or absent interest in peers"]. They have demonstrated restricted/repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities including: [checkbox value="repetitive motor movements|repetitive speech|infexible adherence to routines|ritualized patterns of verbal or nonverbal behavior|significant difficulty with transitions|rigid thinking patterns|highly restricted and fixated interests|hyper-reactivity to sensory input|hyporeactivity to some sensory input"]. Presentation is [select value="without|with"] intellectual impairment, and [select value="without|with"] language impairment. [textarea rows="4"][/conditional][conditional field="adhd" condition="(adhd).is('')"]

[var name="name"] has a pattern of [checkbox name=addtype value="inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity|inattention|hyperactivity/impulsivity"] that interferes with functioning. [/conditional][conditional field="addtype" condition="(addtype).is('inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity')||(addtype).is('inattention')"] Inattention manifests as [checkbox memo="At least 6 for ADHD" value="poor attention to details or careless mistakes in work or activities|difficulty sustaining attention|not seeming to listen when spoken to directly|not following through on instructions or failing to finish tasks|having difficulty organizing tasks and activities|avoiding tasks that require sustained mental effort|frequently losing things necessary for tasks|often easily distracted by extraneous stimuli|forgetfulness in daily activities"].[/conditional] [conditional field="addtype" condition="(addtype).is('inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity')||(addtype).is('hyperactivity/impulsivity')"] [var name="name"]'s hyperactivity/impulsivity presents as [checkbox memo="six or more for ADHD" value="frequent fidgeting or squirming|often leaving seat when remaining seated is expected|frequently restless|difficulty engaging in leisure activities quietly|often seeming to be on the go or difficult to keep up with|excessive talking|blurting out answers before a question has been completed|difficulty waiting for their turn|interrupting or intruding on others"].[/conditional][conditional field="adhd" condition="(adhd).is('')"] These symptoms have been present since [text memo="before 12yo" size="20"], and are recognized in multiple settings including [text memo="2 or more" size="20"]. [textarea rows="3"]

[/conditional][conditional field="sleep" condition="(sleep).is('')"]
Sleep is reported to be generally [select name="sleepq" value="poor |fair |good.|erratic |inconsistent |excessive|"][select value="with difficulty initiating sleep and staying asleep due to |with difficulty initiating sleep due to |with difficulty maintaining sleep due to |"][textarea rows="2"]. They estimate getting approximately [text size="4"] hours of [select value="broken |solid |"]sleep per night. [select value="Disturbed sleep has been an issue for |Disturbed sleep is a new issue within the last |"][textarea rows="1"]. [select value="There has been no workup for Sleep Apnea|There was a past workup for sleep apnea which indicated |"][textarea rows="1"]. [select value="Current attempts at improving sleep include |The patient is currently attempting no interventions to improve sleep|Current quality of sleep is dependent on |"][textarea rows="2"]. [select value="Past unsuccessful attempts at improving sleep include |There have been no past attempts at improving sleep|"][textarea rows="2"].[/conditional]
*Interval History*
Patient reports that the presenting symptoms of [comment memo="SYMPTOM"][checkbox value="depressed|anxious|aggressive|impulsive|inattentive|irritable|withdrawn|unable to sleep|delusional|auditory hallucinations|visual hallucinations"] [textarea memo="other" default="" rows="1"]
Which is described as[comment memo="SEVERITY "][checkbox value=" the same as it has been| better| somewhat worse than it has been| significantly worse than it has been"] [textarea memo="other" default="" rows="1"]
The patient notices that it is sometimes improved by [comment memo="Modifying factors "][checkbox value="talking to someone|being alone|doing something physical like walking|doing something that is distracting| being on medications"] [textarea memo="other" default="" rows="1"]
pt also reports symptoms aggravation due to [textarea name="variable_1" default="sample text"]
per pt the symptoms come on[checkbox name="variable_1" value="Suddenly|Gradually"]
where the pt reports that the symptoms interfere with daily life[checkbox name="variable_1" value="Do|Do not"] [textarea name="variable_1" default="what areas the s/sx interfer"]
History of Presenting Illness:Patient name is a age-year-old,, other gender
name that names
, which per pt reported the symptoms are characterised by :
Which per pt reports it started number of
with the first age of symptom onset being their:
Mental health history. depression anxiety sleep mood ptsd adhd autism

*Interval History*
Patient reports that the presenting symptoms of SYMPTOM
Which is described asSEVERITY
The patient notices that it is sometimes improved by Modifying factors
pt also reports symptoms aggravation due to

per pt the symptoms come on
where the pt reports that the symptoms interfere with daily life

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