[textarea] DSM IV TR
Axis I -- 
Axis II --	
Axis III --	
Axis IV --	 [/textarea] [textarea] Z55 – Problems related to education and literacy
Z56 – Problems related to employment and unemployment
Z57 – Occupational exposure to risk factors
Z59 – Problems related to housing and economic circumstances
Z58 – Problems related to physical environment (excluding occupational exposure)
Z59 – Problems related to housing and economic circumstances
Z60 – Problems related to social environment
Z62 – Problems related to upbringing
Z63 – Other problems related to primary support group, including family circumstances
Z64 – Problems related to certain psychosocial circumstances
Z65 – Problems related to other psychosocial circumstances [/textarea]
ICD-10-CM Code Category Problems/Risk Factors Included in Category
[textarea] Z55 – Problems related to
education & literacy
Illiteracy, schooling unavailable, underachievement in school, educational
maladjustment & discord w/ teachers & classmates.[/textarea]
[textarea]Z56 – Problems related
to employment & 
Unemployment, change of job, threat of job loss, stressful work schedule,
discord w/ boss & workmates, uncongenial work environment, sexual
harassment on job, & military deployment status.[/textarea]
[textarea]Z57 – Occupational
exposure to risk factors
Occupational exposure to noise, radiation, dust, environmental tobacco smoke,
toxic agents in agriculture, toxic agents in other industries, extreme temperature,
 & vibration.[/textarea]
[textarea]Z59 – Problems related
to housing & economic
Homelessness, inadequate housing, discord w/ neighbors, lodgers & 
landlord, problems related to living in residential institutions, lack of adequate
food & safe drinking water, extreme poverty, low income, insufficient social
insurance & welfare support.[/textarea]
[textarea]Z60 – Problems related to
social environment
Adjustment to life-cycle transitions, living alone, acculturation difficulty, social
exclusion & rejection, target of adverse discrimination & persecution.[/textarea]
[textarea]Z62 – Problems related to
Inadequate parental supervision & control, parental overprotection, upbringing
away from parents, child in welfare custody, institutional upbringing, hostility
towards & scapegoating of child, inappropriate excessive parental pressure,
personal history of abuse in childhood, personal history of neglect in childhood,[/textarea]
[textarea]Z62.819 Personal history of unspecified abuse in childhood, Parent-child conflict,
 & sibling rivalry.[/textarea]
[textarea]Z63 – Other problems
related to primary support
group, including family
Absence of family member, disappearance & death of family member,
disruption of family by separation & divorce, dependent relative needing care
at home, stressful life events affecting family & household, stress on family
due to return of family member from military deployment, alcoholism & drug
addiction in family.[/textarea]
[textarea]Z64 – Problems related
to certain psychosocial
Unwanted pregnancy, multiparity, & discord w/ counselors.
[textarea]Z65 – Problems related
to other psychosocial
Conviction in civil & criminal proceedings without imprisonment, imprisonment
 & other incarceration, release from prison, other legal circumstances, victim of
crime & terrorism, & exposure to disaster, war & other hostilities. [/textarea]
Psychosocial Factors: ??
[textarea name="variable_1" default=" Endorsed/Discussed Following Problems"]
[checkbox name="variable_1" value="Ongoing Medical Problems Recorded|Ongoing Medical Problems Not Recorded"]
Medical Problems
[checklist name="variable_1" value="Abdominal Pain|Allergic Reaction
|Asthma|Bone / Joint Problems|Chronic Illness|Chronic Pain|Cold/Cough & Runny Nose|Conjunctivitis|Constipation|Cough|Diarrhea|Earache"]
[checklist name="variable_1" value=""]
[checklist name="variable_1" value=" Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder NOS
|Acute Stress Disorder
|Addiction|Adjustment Disorder W/ Anxiety
|Adjustment Disorder W/ Depressed Mood
Agoraphobia Without History Of Panic Disorder
|Bipolar Disorder|Borderline Personality Disorder
[textarea name="variable_1" default="Barriers to Tx"]
[textarea name="variable_1" default="Aggravating Factors"]
[textarea name="variable_1" default="Attempted Interventions & Response"]
[textarea name="variable_1" default="How Is Life Affected By This Issue"]
bx & Physical Concerns
[textarea]Abandonment/Rejection Issues
Academic Problem
Adult Antisocial Bx
Adult Suicidal Ideation
Anger Management
Anger/Anger Management
Beacon Emotional Problems List
Becoming Easily Annoyed / Irritable
bx Issues
Body Image
Bx Problems
Can’t Control What / How Much Eat
Career/Work Concerns
Change In Fam Composition, Socio-Economic Status, Lifestyle
Chaotic Home Environment
Chemical Dependence
Childhood Trauma
Circumstantial/Situational/Adjustment Concerns
Cognitive Impairment
Compulsive Bx
Computer Addiction
Conflict/Conflict Resolution
Court Ordered/Coerced
 Denies At Time Of Intake
Displays Significant Psychological &// Physiological Distress Resulting From Internal & External Clues That Are Reminiscent Of Traumatic Event
 Does Not Know What Might Be Causing Problem
Drug Allergies
Dysfunctional Interpersonal Relationships
Eating Disorder
Eating Issues/Food/Appetite [/textarea]

[textarea] Educational Problem
Emotion Regulation
Emotional Concerns
Emotional Problems
Employment Problems
Environmental Needs
Environmental Stressors
Evidenced By Sadness/Low Mood (Daily)
Failure To Verbalize Emotions & Express Needs[/textarea]

[textarea] Family Conflict
Family Problems
Feeling Bad About Self—/ Feeling Like Failure / Have Let Self / Family Down
Feeling Down, Depressed / Hopeless
Feeling Nervous, Anxious, On Edge / Worrying Lot About Differen Tthings
Feeling Tired / Having Little Energy
Financial / Money
Financial Problems
Financial Stress
Gambling Problems[/textarea]

[textarea] Gastroenteritis
Grief/Loss Unresolved
Has Been Exposed To Traumatic Event Involving Actual / Perceived Threat Of Death / Serious Injury
Having Anxiety Attack—Suddenly Feeling Fear / Panic
Health Care Costs
Healthy Bx [/textarea]

[textarea] Heart Valve Problems
Hormone-Related Problems
Immunizations Utd
Impairment In Concentration (Daily)
Inability To Complete Daily Tasks
Interpersonal Conflict
Interpersonal Relationship Problems
Intimate Relationship Conflicts/Concerns
Issues Related To Coping Skills/Abilities [/textarea]

[textarea] Lack Of Close Relationships
Legal Conflicts
Legal Problem
Lgbtq Issues
Life Decisions
Limited Access To
Limited Economic/Financial Means
Limited Support System
Longer Able To See Client
Low Self-Esteem
Low Wages
Major Illness
Making Self Vomit
Marital / Couple Relationship Issues
Marriage/Spouse/Divorce [/textarea]

[textarea] Medical History Changes;
Medical Issues
Miss Verbal/Social Cues
Missing / Being Late For Work, School / Other Activities Because Were Drinking / Hung Over
Moving / Speaking So Slowly That Others Notice;/ Opposite—Being So Fidgety / Restless Have Beenmoving Around Lot More Than Usual
Muscle Tension, Aches / Soreness
Nasal Congestion
None Identified At Time Of Intake
Oral Intake
Panic / Agoraphobia
Parenting Problems
Parenting/ Child bx Issues
Peer & Intimate Relationship Problems
Peer/Colleague Problems/Challenges
Perception Of Problem
Personal Growth
Personal Problems
Physical [/textarea]
[textarea] Poor Appetite / Overeating
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Postpartum Depression/Women's Concerns
Present Medications;
Previous Provider
Problems Indicated
Problems W Peers/Roommate
Problems W/ Pornography
Psychosocial Stressors
Pyschosocial Factors
Recent Stressor
Relational/Social Difficulties
Relationship Difficulties
Relationship Problems
Relationship/Marriage Issues
Relieving Factors
School/Work Problems/Challenges
Self Esteem
Serious Medical Problems
Service Coordination & Provider Collaboration
Sexual Abuse Victim
Sexual bx 
Sexual Difficulties/Dysfunction/Problems
Sexuality/Sexual Issues
Sleep Disturbance
Sleep/Sleep Disturbance/Sleep Problems [/textarea]

[textarea] Social
Social Conflict/Stressors
Social Discomfort
Social Isolation
Social/Family History Changes;
Something Specific, Such As Particular Event
Somewhat Satisfied
Sore Throat
Spiritual Factors
Strep T/P
Stressors Are Evoking Symptoms Of Depression
Stye [/textarea]

[textarea] Substance Abuse
Substance Use
Suicidal Ideation
Suicidal Ideation W/ Method, Plan & Intent
Thinking Would Be Better Off Dead / Hurting Self In Some Way* If Checked Box Should Talk About Feelings W/ Healthcare Provider As Soon As Possible There Is Help Available
Thoughts Of Death
Throat Pain
Timing [/textarea]

[textarea] Tonsillitis
Trouble Concentrating On Things, Such As Reading Newspaper / Watching Television
Trouble Falling / Staying Asleep, / Sleeping Too Much
Trust Issues
Type A Bx
Unknown At Time Of Intake
Unrealistic Expectations
Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
Urti [/textarea]

[textarea] Using etoh / Drugs, / Being High From etoh / Drugs, / Hungover From etoh / Drugs While Feeling Like Working, Going To School, Ortaking Care Of Children / Other Responsibilities
Viral Rash
Vocational Stress
Work Problems/Challenges

ICD-10-CM Code Category Problems/Risk Factors Included in Category

Unwanted pregnancy, multiparity, & discord w/ counselors.

Psychosocial Factors: ??

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