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[checklist name="Problem List" value="abuse|acceptance|adjustment|alcohol/drugs|coping skills|family history |guilt|personal history |self-esteem|peer and intimate relationships|alcohol/drugs/smoking |anxiety| depression | assertiveness | diet | exercise | social isolation | specific phobia | grief/bereavement | new diagnosis of copd |coping with chemotherapy |caregiver burden|alcohol dependence |paranoid personality disorder |crisis intervention |chronic ptsd |divorce |somatoform disorder|appetite/food |death/dying |decline/function |decline/function|emotional blunting|emotional lability|excessive demanding
|extreme anxiety/panic
|feelings of worthlessness
|financial issues
|impaired impulse control
|inability to enact coping
|interpersonal conflict
|intrusive thoughts
|intrusive thoughts associated with traumatic event
|memory (st/lt)
|participation in activities
|rehab/other therapies
|resistant to care
|safety awareness
|self-harm/suicidal ideation
|social conflict/stressors
|unrealistic expectations
|verbalization of emotions
|failure to verbalize emotions & express needs

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