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[textarea name="therapistinterventions" default="Therapist utilized open ended questions to elicit more information regarding thoughts/feelings/beliefs related to... Therapist worked with client to identify and label specific emotions associated with situation and encouraged client to process identified thoughts and feelings.."] Therapist provided supportive listening techniques, interactive feedback, and encouragement throughout.
[textarea name= "therapistinterventions2" default="Therapist normalized and validated ct's feelings, {reinforced use of healthy coping strategies/positive self talk/assertive communication, worked with client to develop new coping strategies, collaborated with client to problem solve presenting issues/barriers to accomplishing goals, provided psychoeducation on presenting concerns}."]
[textarea name= "therapistinterventions3" default="Additionally, therapist assisted client with {self advocacy/communicating needs, identifying pros/cons to change, identifying negative thinking patterns, identifying source of distorted thoughts, identifying hobbies/values, identifying patterns and consequences of avoidance, identifying/exploring triggers, identifying strengths and support system, identifying and setting goals, identifying how current thoughts/beliefs influence their mood and behaviors, identifying/exploring situations that are anxiety provoking, exploring impact of trauma on their life, exploring background/family of origin, exploring effects of childhood experiences, exploring history of..., exploring issues around trust, exploring issues of unresolved grief/loss, exploring patterns of conflict within the family/relationship, exploring current family dynamics, practicing cognitive challenging/reframing, practicing relaxation techniques/mindfulness practices/grounding techniques}."]
[checkbox name="moreinterventions" value="" memo="expand more interventions"][conditional field="moreinterventions" condition="(moreinterventions).is('')"] Additional in session interventions provided include:
[comment memo="Anxiety TX"] [checkbox name="interventions2" value="assessed reasons for symptoms of anxiety|explored triggers/situations|assisted client with analyzing fears in logical manner|assisted client with developing insight into worry/avoidance|explored source of distorted thoughts|recommended medication evaluation to address symptoms|explored benefits of taking medication|educated client on relaxation skills/techniques|explored problem solving strategies|validated/reinforced use of coping strategies|planned and reviewed healthy methods of distraction|taught and practiced progressive muscle relaxation|taught and practice deep breathing exercises|engaged client in guided imagery|assisted client with exploring ways to engage in mindfulness practices|identified and explored relaxation techniques|identified and practiced challenging negative automatic thoughts that perpetuate symptoms of panic|identified cognitive distortions related to panic symptoms|engaged in interoceptive exposure activities|provided psychoeducation on 'window of tolerance'|explored distress tolerance skills|encouraged medication evaluation|practiced grounding techniques"]
[comment memo="Assessment"] [checkbox name="interventions3" value="psychoeducation on psychotherapy|rapport building|assessed client's symptoms and history"][comment memo="ADHD"] [checkbox name="interventions4" value="assisted client with identifying positive aspects of self|explored and assigned positive affirmations to practice|encouraged and reinforced use of positive self-talk|exploration of time management skills|exploration of organizational skills|exploration of prioritization skills|encouraged outside reading on ADHD/neurodivergence|provided education about ADHD/neurodivergence|assisted client with identifying strengths/positive qualities|exploration of social constructs"] [comment memo="CBT"] [checkbox name="interventions5" value="introduced the CBT model|assisted client in identifying and modifying dysfunctional assumptions/biases|reviewed common cognitive distortions/negative thinking patterns|identified cognitive distortions/negative thinking patterns using examples from client's life|practiced cognitive restructuring/challenging|reviewed 'feelings wheel' tool|assisted client in exploring and developing emotional awareness|assisted client with exploring and identifying emotional reactions|developed alternative thoughts and beliefs|assisted client with identifying how client's current thoughts/beliefs influence their mood and behaviors"][comment memo="Interpersonal"] [checkbox name="interventions6" value="explored how fear of disappointing others affects functioning|provided education on the benefits of assertiveness skills|provided education on and practiced assertiveness skills|reinforced/encouraged assertiveness|encouraged use of 'No'|provided education on healthy boundaries|practiced/reinforced/modeled use of healthy boundaries|encouraged decision making|assisted client with self advocacy/communicating needs|assisted client with identifying opposite actions from emotional urges|explored and identified styles of communication that prevent positive interactions"][comment memo="General Interventions"] [checkbox name="interventions7" value="active listening and feedback|validated and normalized thoughts/emotions|supportive reflection|open-ended questions|socratic questioning|self-disclosure|psychoeducation|rapport building|clarification|reframing|praise and encouragement|reassurance|reviewed family of origin hx/dynamics|role playing|modeled behaviors|collaborated with client to problem solve presenting issue|assisted client with identifying/labeling emotions|encouraged client to process thoughts and feelings related to problem|identified negative coping and defense mechanisms|provided psychoeducation on presenting concerns|provided resources/literature related to problem|encouraged client to review resources/literature|worked with client to identify barriers to treatment/progress|reviewed homework|reviewed client's treatment plan and discussed progress towards goals|assisted client with identifying and setting goals|administered clinical assessments and discussed meaning/results|explored and discussed termination|planned for termination|reviewed treatment frequency|explored self care strategies|assisted client in identifying hobbies/values|assisted client in identifying and practicing positive self affirmations|encouraged hygiene/grooming practices|identified and planned enjoyable activities|reviewed healthy methods of de-escalation"][comment memo="Insomnia"] [checkbox name="interventions8" value="provided psychoeducation on sleep hygiene|explored negative associations with sleep/bed|explored and practiced relaxation strategies|assisted client with problem solving barriers to implementing good sleep hygiene|recommended medication evaluation to assist with managing symptoms"][comment memo="MI/SUDS"][checkbox name="interventions9" value="elicited change talk|elicited alternative behaviors|assisted client with identifying pros/cons to change|assessed ct's readiness for change|explored drug/alcohol history|explored and identified negative consequences of substance use/abuse|educated on consequences of substance use on mental health|encouraged client to remain open to discussion around denial/acceptance|encouraged participation in AA/NA|supported client's participation in AA/NA|facilitated and explored understanding of risk factors|explored positive aspects of sobriety|encouraged exercise and social activities that do not include subtances|reinforced working on sobriety|explored and reframed negative self-talk|assessed stress management skills|identified stress management skills|developed relapse prevention plan|explored cravings/identified triggers"][comment memo="Couples and families"] [checkbox name="interventions10" value="explored and identified patterns of conflict within the family|provided education on conflict resolution|explored familial communication patterns|facilitated family communication|identified how family patterns of conflict and communication are played out|explored and identified maladaptive patterns of communication learned from family of origin|facilitated healthy expression of feelings/concerns|reinforced use of healthy expression of feelings|identified/reinforced family strengths|explored roles in the family|assisted with defining roles in the family|explored areas of strength that may be used to parent|provided education on/practiced/modeled parenting techniques|processed the aftermath of argument/disagreement|explored activities to enhance feelings of positive connection"][comment memo="Trauma/Grief"] [checkbox name="interventions11" value="explored trauma history and impacts on client's life|explored and identified potential reasons for behaviors/symptoms|identified patterns of avoidance|identified consequences of avoidance|provided psychoeducation on role avoidance plays in maintaining PTSD symptoms|provided psychoeducation on PTSD/symptoms|provided psychoeducation on impacts of trauma on the brain|identified and processed issues around grief/loss|explored and identified triggers|identified alternative behaviors/coping skills that have helped in the past|explored and identified strengths and support system|planned activities to cope with reminders of the loss|explored secondary losses|explored the meaning of the loss"] [checkbox name="EMDR" value= "EMDR"][conditional field= "EMDR" condition="(EMDR). is('EMDR')"][checkbox name="phases" value= "Phase 1|Phase 2|Phase 3/Assessment|Phase 4/Desensitization| Phase 5/Installation|Phase 6/Body Scan|Phase 7/Closure|Phase 8/reevaluation|Safe/Calm Place|Future Template|Resource Development and Installation|Container Exercise|Spiral Technique|Recent Event Protocol|Float Back Exercise"][checkbox name= "EMDR2" value= "NC"][text name="NC" default=""][checkbox name= "EMDR3" value= "PC"][text name="PC" default=""][checkbox name= "EMDR4" value= "VOC Starting"][conditional field="EMDR4" condition="(EMDR4).is('VOC Starting')"][select name="EMDR5" value="select one|1|2|3|4|5|6|7"][/conditional][checkbox name= "EMDR6" value= "VOC Ending"][conditional field="EMDR6" condition="(EMDR6).is('VOC Ending')"][select name="EMDR7" value="select one|1|2|3|4|5|6|7"][/conditional][checkbox name= "EMDR8" value= "SUDS Starting"][conditional field="EMDR8" condition="(EMDR8).is('SUDS Starting')"][select name="EMDR9" value="select one|0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10"][/conditional][checkbox name= "EMDR10" value= "SUDS Ending"][conditional field="EMDR10" condition="(EMDR10).is('SUDS Ending')"][select name="EMDR11" value="select one|0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10"][/conditional][/conditional][/conditional]
Therapist provided supportive listening techniques, interactive feedback, and encouragement throughout.

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