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[text name="variable_1" default="Constitutional: "][checkbox name="variable_1" value="in no apparent distress|looks given age|well developed|good attention to hygiene|breathing comfortably|cachectic|chronically ill|comfortable|cooperative|distressed|frail|malnourished|moderately overweight|moderately uncomfortable|morbidly obese|non-toxic|overweight|petite|pleasant|pregnant|sleepy|somewhat tired|thin|uncomfortable appearing|undernourished|with a pleasant expression|with anasarca"].

[text name="variable_2" default="Musculoskeletal: "][checkbox name="variable_2" value="muscle strength for upper/lower extremities intact bilaterally with appropriate muscle tone and symmetry|full range of motion for all joints without crepitation or instability appreciated|bilateral muscle weakness in upper/lower extremities appreciated as a result of medical status|bilateral limitation of motion and stiffness appreciated as a result of current medical condition"].


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