Psychiatry Progress Note Pediatrics

[text name="variable_1" default="Pt seen and interviewed in the presence of BH staff.  Interdisciplinary team meeting held, pt’s progress discussed.  No acute events including any holds occurred overnight.  Pt compliant with routine."][checkbox name="variable_20" value=" The patient was observed in good controls and engaging with others in the common area. | The patient was observed engaging with others while on unit. | The patient was cooperative but minimally engaging with assessment. | The patient was cooperative and engaging with assessment. | The patient has been engaging and benefitting from ward mileau. | The patient was not cooperative or engaging with assessment despite encouragement to participate. "] [textarea name="variable_1" default=""][text name="variable_2" default="They rate their depression "][checkbox name="variable_1" value="0/10|1/10|2/10|3/10|4/10|5/10|6/10|7/10|8/10|9/10|10/10"][text name="variable_3" default=" and their anxiety "][checkbox name="variable_2" value="0/10|1/10|2/10|3/10|4/10|5/10|6/10|7/10|8/10|9/10|10/10"][checkbox name="variable_3" value=". Pt reports |SI|HI|AH|VH|racing thoughts|trouble sleeping|poor sleep|nightmares|worsening anxiety|feeling hopeless|increased paranoia|poor appetite|crying spells"]  [text name="variable_5" default=". They deny "][checkbox name="variable_4" value="SI/HI/AH/VH|SI|HI|AH|VH|racing thoughts|trouble sleeping|poor sleep|nightmares|worsening anxiety|feeling hopeless|increased paranoia|poor appetite|cyring spells"][checkbox name="variable_5" value=". Side effects to medications include ."][checkbox name="variable_6" value=". The patient had a phone call with family yesterday that went well|The pt denied making any phone calls"][checkbox name="variable_11" value=". Their treatment goals include the following:|. They denied any progress on their treatment goals|. They report making progress with their treatment goals in regards to improving their coping skills"][checkbox name="variable_7" value=". The pt denies any side effects or intolerance to medications"][checkbox name="variable_9" value=". They denied any somatic complaints including n/v or headache"][checkbox name="variable_8" value=" . Rest of assessment unremarkable: Pt denies SI/HI/AH/VH and has been eating and sleeping well.  Pt has no somatic complaints or side effects to medications and has been tolerating them well"][text name="variable_6" default=" . Pt has no other concerns at this time and is encouraged to speak up if any arise."]

[text name="variable_7" default="Pt's thought content includes"] [checkbox name="variable_10" value="SI|HI|AH|VH"][text name="variable_8" default=". Patient devoid of "][checkbox name="variable_12" value="SI|HI|AH|VH|SI/HI/AH/VH|HI/AH/VH"]

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