Risk Assessment, thorough

[textarea name="Opening" default="The patient's risk assessment is low based upon the absence of the following factors:"]
[checkbox name="1" value="previous attempts|no current suicidality|no current plans or intent|no current means|family history of suicide|agitation|anger|hx of anorexia|antisocial personality features|anxiety disorder|hx of bipolar disorder|borderline personality features|depressive symptoms|hopelessness|schizophrenia|self-harm|substance misuse|serious medical, health concerns|history of abuse|impulsivity|relationship instability|recent significant loss|Traumatic Brain Injury|recent discharge from an inpatient psychiatric facility|access to firearms|unemployment|relationship strain|"]
[textarea name="2" default="The following protective factors have been identified:"]
[checkbox name="2" value="supportive family or friends|feeling connected to others|purpose as a parent|proper problem solving and coping skills|future oriented|access to mental health care|religious beliefs that discourage suicidal behavior and provide strong sense of purpose|"]
[textarea name="3" default="The following warning signs have been ruled out:"]
[checkbox name="3" value="talking about being a burden|being isolated|increasing anxiety|talking about feeling trapped or in unbearable pain|increase in substance use|looking for a way to access lethal means|increased anger or rage|extreme mood swings|expressing hopelessness|sleeping too little or too much|talking or posting about wanting to die|suicide note|making plans for suicide|giving away possessions|"]

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