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Client [checkbox value="A&Ox4|able to make needs known|well groomed|calm, cooperative, plesant|follows instructions well|responds appropriately to this RN's questions"]. Client [checkbox value="appears to be in good spirits|appears depressed|observed being more overactive, talkative, and rather scattered|reported their mood as happy|reported their mood as good|reported being anxious|affect congruent|affect incongruent"]. [text size="20"]. Client [checkbox value="denied all risk factors |including anxiety|including depression|reported no further complaints or concerns at this time"]. [text size="20"]. Client [checkbox value="was observed socializing and interacting appropriately with peers|was isolative|observed being withdrawn|quite sociable|appeared irritable"]. [text size="30"]. Client reported [checkbox value="eating well|participating in groups|passive suicidal thoughts|suicidal thoughts|homicidal thoughts|hopeless views and opinions about recovery and future|hopeful feelings towards clients recovery|feelings of irritability|pain|mood swings|lack of sleep"]. Client [checkbox value="denied SI/HI|denied A/V/T Hallucinations|verbally contracted for safety with this RN|is a high risk to self and/or others"]. [text size="30"]. This RN & Staff will [checkbox value="continue to monitor and support patient"].
Client . Client . . Client . . Client . . Client reported . Client . . This RN & Staff will .

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