[checkbox name="variable_1" value="Ongoing, unwanted intrusive thoughts related to the traumatic event
Upsetting nightmares surrounding the content of the traumatic event|Flashbacks of the traum|Intense or ongoing distress when exposed to reminders of the trauma|PTSD physical symptoms, such as elevated heart rate and blood pressure when exposed to reminders of the event|Attempting to avoid reminders of the trauma|Avoiding people, places, things, or situations related to the event|Being unable to remember important aspects of the trauma|Developing distorted negative beliefs about oneself and the world, such as believing that the world is all bad|Blaming oneself or other people for the traumatic event|Lack of interest in enjoyable activities|Feeling detached from other people|Being unable to experience positive emotions like happiness or love|Outbursts of anger or irritability with no provocation|Engaging in self-destructive behavior
|Startling easily|Being hypervigilant|Difficulty concentrating|Sleep disturbances"]

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