Therapeutic Interventions

Today the therapeutic focus was on [select name="therapy content" value="assessing the type and severity of the problem.|helping to increase insight and understanding.|helping the patient to improve communication skills.|improvement of problem-solving skills. |helping the patient improve ability to cope.|stabilizing the patient.|symptom reduction.|improving social skills.|educating the patient about symptoms. |improving the patient's self-esteem.|improving the patient's self-compassion.|the patient's physical symptoms. |increasing empathy.|issues involving substance use. "]

[checklist name="interventions" value="The main therapeutic interventions used today were supportive. |Stress reduction techniques were also discussed. |The patient was also encouraged to ventilate their feelings. |Therapeutic efforts also included an investigation, with the patient, of the patterns of certain behaviors. |The patient was also encouraged to explore the sources of maladaptive behaviors. |The patient's irrational ideas were also confronted and reflected today. |Therapeutic efforts also included aiding the patient in identifying the sources of certain unproductive feelings.|Therapeutic efforts also included aiding the patient in identifying the sources of certain unproductive feelings and behaviors. |Therapeutic efforts also involved a discussion of the importance of abstinence. |This session the patient's feelings were also validated. That is, patient was assured that feelings ad reactions were normal given what was experienced. |This session the patient's feelings were also normalized. That is, patient was assured that feelings and reactions were normal given what was experienced. |This session coping strategies were also explored with the patient.|"]

[checklist name="interventions" value="We have discussed several issues related to the termination of the physician-patient relationship and to help ensure patient to continue receiving adequate care.|Patient encouraged to identify precipitating factors for depressed mood.|Patient urged to ask for help and support from staff member or therapist when feeling depressed.  |Patient encouraged to demonstrate a more optimistic outlook as evidence by positive, hopeful statements about self and life.  |Patient encouraged to reduce or eliminate isolative behaviors. |Patient encouraged to demonstrate increased interest and participation in activities.  |Patient encouraged to identify self-talk that is engaged in that supports depression.  |Patient encouraged to replace negative and self-defeating self-talk with realistic and positive cognitive messages. |Patient encouraged to engage in physical and recreational events that reflect increased energy and interests.|Patient encouraged to establish healthy cognitive patterns and beliefs that lead to the alleviation of depressive symptoms.  |Patient encouraged to begin to restructure irrational beliefs by reviewing reality-based evidence and misinterpretation. |Patient encouraged to work on the ability to recognize, accept, and cope with feelings of depression. |Discussed connection between thought, mood and behavior and the ability to change behavior and mood by examining thoughts.|Sleep hygiene was discussed with patient. |The effects of attitude on mood and coping were discussed. |Patient encouraged to make both needs and wants known appropriately to staff.  Discussed short term goals achievable prior to next visit.|Discussed about smoking cessation.|Death and dying issues and coping.|Gradually building rapport and therapeutic relationship with patient.  |Discussed with patient about her pending surgical procedures.|Discussed about relationship issues with spouse since acquiring chronic illness. |The need to stay with the present time and current feelings were discussed rather then projecting into the future were discussed.|"]
Today the therapeutic focus was on

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