Bummer Rationalizer

[text name="variable_1"] <-- Describe the Bummer

[checklist name="variable_2" value="live and learn=1|what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger=1|it saved me some time=1|it will ultimately save me money=1|there will be another chance=1|I've still got time=1|usually it works when I do it that way=1|eventually it will work out=1|if only I'd done X it would have been fine=1|it wasn't fair=1|my shoes were too tight=1|time heals all wounds=1|painful memories fade with time=1"]

[calc value="score1=(variable_2);score1>-1?'There are probably more than ':''"][calc value="score2=(variable_2)"][calc value="score3=(variable_2);score3>-1?' reason(s) it could have been worse.':''"]
<-- Describe the Bummer


score1=(variable_2);score1>-1?'There are probably more than ':''score2=(variable_2)score3=(variable_2);score3>-1?' reason(s) it could have been worse.':''

Result - Copy and paste this output:

Sandbox Metrics: Structured Data Index 0.5, 5 form elements, 6 boilerplate words, 1 text boxes, 1 check lists, 3 calculations, 14 total clicks
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