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[text name="LAB_146" memo="pH 7.35 - 7.45 " size="3"] [conditional field="LAB_146" condition="(LAB_146).isLess(7.35)&&(LAB_146).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_146_low" default=""] [/conditional] [conditional field="LAB_146" condition="(LAB_146).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_146_desc" default=""] [/conditional]
[text name="LAB_147" memo="PaCO2 35 - 45 mm Hg" size="3"] [conditional field="LAB_147" condition="(LAB_147).isLess(35)&&(LAB_147).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_147_low" default=""] [/conditional] [conditional field="LAB_147" condition="(LAB_147).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_147_desc" default=""] [/conditional]
[text name="LAB_148" memo="HCO3 22 - 26 mEq/L" size="3"] [conditional field="LAB_148" condition="(LAB_148).isLess(22)&&(LAB_148).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_148_low" default=""] [/conditional] [conditional field="LAB_148" condition="(LAB_148).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_148_desc" default=""] [/conditional]
[text name="LAB_149" memo="O2 saturation 96 - 100 %" size="3"] [conditional field="LAB_149" condition="(LAB_149).isLess(96)&&(LAB_149).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_149_low" default=""] [/conditional] [conditional field="LAB_149" condition="(LAB_149).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_149_desc" default=""] [/conditional]
[text name="LAB_150" memo="PaO2 85 - 100 mm Hg" size="3"] [conditional field="LAB_150" condition="(LAB_150).isLess(85)&&(LAB_150).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_150_low" default=""] [/conditional] [conditional field="LAB_150" condition="(LAB_150).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_150_desc" default=""] [/conditional]
[text name="LAB_151" memo="BE -2 - 2 mmol/L" size="3"] [conditional field="LAB_151" condition="(LAB_151).isLess(-2)&&(LAB_151).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_151_low" default=""] [/conditional] [conditional field="LAB_151" condition="(LAB_151).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_151_desc" default=""] [/conditional]
pH 7.35 - 7.45
PaCO2 35 - 45 mm Hg
HCO3 22 - 26 mEq/L
O2 saturation 96 - 100 %
PaO2 85 - 100 mm Hg
BE -2 - 2 mmol/L

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