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[text name="LAB_143" memo="cerebral perfusion pressure 70 - 90 mm Hg" size="3"] [conditional field="LAB_143" condition="(LAB_143).isLess(70)&&(LAB_143).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_143_low" default=""] [/conditional] [conditional field="LAB_143" condition="(LAB_143).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_143_desc" default=""] [/conditional]
[text name="LAB_144" memo="intracranial pressure 5 - 15 mm Hg" size="3"] [conditional field="LAB_144" condition="(LAB_144).isLess(5)&&(LAB_144).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_144_low" default=""] [/conditional] [conditional field="LAB_144" condition="(LAB_144).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_144_desc" default=""] [/conditional]
[text name="LAB_145" memo="intracranial pressure 5 - 10 cm H2O" size="3"] [conditional field="LAB_145" condition="(LAB_145).isLess(5)&&(LAB_145).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_145_low" default=""] [/conditional] [conditional field="LAB_145" condition="(LAB_145).isNot('')"] [textarea name="LAB_145_desc" default=""] [/conditional]
cerebral perfusion pressure 70 - 90 mm Hg
intracranial pressure 5 - 15 mm Hg
intracranial pressure 5 - 10 cm H2O

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