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[checkbox value="Unremarkable"]
[checkbox value="Lithium level:"] [textarea memo="0.8-1.2 mEq/L" rows="1"]
[checkbox value="Depakote Level:"] [textarea memo="50-110 mcg/mL" rows="1"]
[checkbox value="Tegretol Level:"] [textarea memo="5-12 mcg/mL" rows="1"]
[checkbox value="Clozapine Level:"] [textarea memo="250-350 ng/mL" rows="1"]
[checkbox value="H A1c:"] [textarea memo=">5.7%. 5.7-6.4 = prediabetes" rows="1"]
[checkbox value="EKG QTC:"] [textarea memo="360-440 ms" rows="1"]
[checkbox value="Ammonia Level:"] [textarea memo="Adults 9.5-49 mcg/dL Child 40-80 mcg/dL" rows="1"]
[checkbox value="Prolactin Level:"] [textarea memo="male 2-18ng/mL. female 2-29 ng/mL. pregnant women 10-209ng/mL" rows="1"]

0.8-1.2 mEq/L
50-110 mcg/mL
5-12 mcg/mL
250-350 ng/mL
>5.7%. 5.7-6.4 = prediabetes
360-440 ms
Adults 9.5-49 mcg/dL Child 40-80 mcg/dL
male 2-18ng/mL. female 2-29 ng/mL. pregnant women 10-209ng/mL

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