Lucas Oil Power Steering Fluid Stop Leak Review of Systems

I don't ordinarily do reviews, but here goes: 
[textarea rows=30 default="After some especially cold weather, I noticed some mechanical noises and whining when I turned the steering wheel.  I looked under the car and it did look like there may be puddle of a different colored fluid than the usual ones.  The power steering fluid reservoir seemed a low.  So I added Lucas Oil Power Steering Stop Leak.  Since that time I generally feel a lot better.  My energy level seems to be up.  I don't think I've lost weight but my pants do feel looser.  I've not had any fever, chills, or night sweats.  My vision seems about the same, I think my hearing may be a little better, and I've not had any dizziness.  I think there's a chance my sense of smell is coming back because food flavors taste more vibrant, especially sour flavors.  I've not had trouble with wheezing or cough, or chest pain, palpitations, or trouble laying flat.  I've not particularly noticed nausea, my stools seem a little firmer and more regular, and I've not noticed any blood there.  In terms of urination, I had been getting up in the middle of the night once or twice, but that seems a lot better.  The itchy rash I had at my left elbow seems to have gone away (or I'm just not noticing it anymore).  I've not had headaches, lightheadedness, or seizures, but I did join an epilepsy support group to meet people.  Overall, I think I'm a little more upbeat and little things don't bother me as much as they used to, but everyone has their ups and downs.  I think I'd give it at least 4 stars, but it's only been a few days.  I'll try to give an update in a month or so."]

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I don't ordinarily do reviews, but here goes:

Power Steering Stop Leak

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