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[select name="variable_1" value="Dimensions in Miles to Area in Acres|Area in Square Miles to Area in Acres"][conditional field="variable_1" condition="(variable_1).is('Area in Square Miles to Area in Acres')"]
[text name="variable_2" memo="number"] <-- Square Miles
Acres --> [calc memo="number" value="score_0=((variable_2)*640).toFixed(2)"][/conditional][conditional field="variable_1" condition="(variable_1).is('Dimensions in Miles to Area in Acres')"]
[text name="variable_3" memo="number"] <-- Length in Miles
[text name="variable_4" memo="number"] <-- Width in Miles
Square Miles --> [calc memo="number" value="score_1=((variable_3)*(variable_4)).toFixed(2)"]
Acres --> [calc memo="number" value="score_2=((variable_3)*(variable_4)*640).toFixed(2)"]

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