Ankle Injury Assessment and Plan

[text size=100 default="Uncomplicated Lateral Ankle Sprain"]
[text size=100 default="Ice packs applied for 20 minutes or ice massage for 8 minutes three times a day"][text size=100 default="Rest and elevation"]
[text size=100 default="Crutch walking for 2 to 3 days"]
[text size=100 default="Air cast splint with elastic compression wrap or Ankle lace up support alone"]
[text size=100 default="OTC Acetaminophen up to four times a day for pain"]
[text size=100 default="OTC NSAID such as naproxen by mouth twice a day or ibuprofen by mouth three times a day for 5-14 days"]
[text size=100 default="Start early range of motion (focus on dorsiflexion) as soon as possible"]
[text size=100 default="Patient educated on strengthening/strengthening program for ankle"]
[text size=100 default="Handout given for strengthening program for the ankle"]  
[text size=100 default="Follow up in 1 month or sooner if worsening/no improvement"]

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[link url="//" memo="#1"] handout at
[link url="//" memo="#2"] Ivins (2006) Am Fam Physician. 74:1714-1720


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