Musculoskeletal & Rheumatology
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Testing for Inflammatory Arthritides
[select name="Q1" value="no|YES"] <-- Suspicion of Cryoglobulinemia [html]<a href="">more on cryoglobulinemia</a>[/html]
[select name="Q2" value="no|YES"] <-- Suspicion of Dermatomyositis [html]<a href="">more on dermatomyositis</a>[/html]
[select name="Q3" value="no|YES"] <-- Suspicion of Gout [html]<a href="">more on gout</a>[/html]
[select name="Q4" value="no|YES"] <-- Suspicion of Immune-Complex-Mediated Diseases (Serum Sickness) [html]<a href="">more on serum sicknessa</a>[/html]
[select name="Q5" value="no|YES"] <-- Suspicion of Lyme Disease [html]<a href="">more on lyme disease</a>[/html]
[select name="Q6" value="no|YES"] <-- Suspicion of Other Connective Tissue Diseases [html]<a href="">more on connective tissue diseases</a>[/html]
[select name="Q7" value="no|YES"] <-- Suspicion of Polymyalgia Rheumatica [html]<a href="">more on polymyalgia rheumatica</a>[/html]
[select name="Q8" value="no|YES"] <-- Suspicion of Polymyositis [html]<a href="">more on polymyositis</a>[/html]
[select name="Q9" value="no|YES"] <-- Suspicion of Rheumatic Fever [html]<a href="">more on rheumatic fever</a>[/html]
[select name="Q10" value="no|YES"] <-- Suspicion of Rheumatoid Arthritis [html]<a href="../../musculoskeletal/2010-ra-criteria/">more on rheumatoid arthritisa</a>[/html]
[select name="Q11" value="no|YES"] <-- Suspicion of Sjogren Syndrome [html]<a href="">more on Sjogren Syndrome</a>[/html]
[select name="Q12" value="no|YES"] <-- Suspicion of Spondyloarthropathy [html]<a href="../../musculoskeletal/spondyloarthropathy/">more on spondyloarthropathy</a>[/html]
[select name="Q13" value="no|YES"] <-- Suspicion of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) [html]<a href="../../musculoskeletal/dx-sle/">more on Lupus</a>[/html]
[select name="Q14" value="no|YES"] <-- Suspicion of Vasculitis (Pulmonary/Renal) [html]<a href="">more on vasculitis</a>[/html]

SUGGESTED SPECIAL TESTS --> [conditional field="Q1" condition="(Q1).is('YES')"]
Cryoglobulins[/conditional][conditional field="Q1|Q6" condition="(Q1).is('YES')||(Q6).is('YES')"]
Hepatitis Serology[/conditional][conditional field="Q2|Q6|Q8|Q11|Q13" condition="(Q2).is('YES')||(Q6).is('YES')||(Q8).is('YES')||(Q11).is('YES')||(Q13).is('YES')"]
ANA[/conditional][conditional field="Q3" condition="(Q3).is('YES')"]
Serum Uric Acid[/conditional][conditional field="Q4|Q13" condition="(Q4).is('YES')||(Q13).is('YES')"]
Complement C3, C4[/conditional][conditional field="Q5" condition="(Q5).is('YES')"]
Lyme Titer[/conditional][conditional field="Q7" condition="(Q7).is('YES')"]
ESR[/conditional][conditional field="Q9" condition="(Q9).is('YES')"]
Anti-streptolysin (ASO)[/conditional][conditional field="Q10" condition="(Q10).is('YES')"]
Rheumatoid Factor
Anti-cyclic Citrullinated Peptide (anti-CCP) Antibodies[/conditional][conditional field="Q11|13" condition="(Q11).is('YES')||(Q13).is('YES')"]
Antibodies to extractable nuclear antigen (anti-Sm, RNP, Ro, La)[/conditional][conditional field="Q12" condition="(Q12).is('YES')"]
Xray of Pelvis[/conditional][conditional field="Q14" condition="(Q14).is('YES')"]
[html]<hr>[/html][checkbox memo="display/hide references" name="footnotes" value=""][conditional field="footnotes" condition="(footnotes).is('')"][html]
reference: <a href="" target="_blank">Lipsky P. Algorithms for the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal complaints: A new tool for the primary-care provider. Am J Med. 1997 Dec 29;103(6A):1S-2S.</a>[/html][/conditional]
Testing for Inflammatory Arthritides
<-- Suspicion of Cryoglobulinemia more on cryoglobulinemia
<-- Suspicion of Dermatomyositis more on dermatomyositis
<-- Suspicion of Gout more on gout
<-- Suspicion of Immune-Complex-Mediated Diseases (Serum Sickness) more on serum sicknessa
<-- Suspicion of Lyme Disease more on lyme disease
<-- Suspicion of Other Connective Tissue Diseases more on connective tissue diseases
<-- Suspicion of Polymyalgia Rheumatica more on polymyalgia rheumatica
<-- Suspicion of Polymyositis more on polymyositis
<-- Suspicion of Rheumatic Fever more on rheumatic fever
<-- Suspicion of Rheumatoid Arthritis more on rheumatoid arthritisa
<-- Suspicion of Sjogren Syndrome more on Sjogren Syndrome
<-- Suspicion of Spondyloarthropathy more on spondyloarthropathy
<-- Suspicion of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) more on Lupus
<-- Suspicion of Vasculitis (Pulmonary/Renal) more on vasculitis


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