Articular Vs Nonarticular Characteristics

Articular vs Nonarticular Characteristics
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1. Anatomic Structures: Juxtaarticular bone, Articular cartilage, Intraarticular ligaments, Menisci (knee), Synovial fluid, Synovium, Joint capsule
2. Symptoms and Signs
a. Pain/tenderness: Localized to joint, Deep and poorly localized, Specific referral patterns
b. Pain on Movement: With active and passive movement, With movement in many planes, Localized to joint
c. Swelling: Common, Related to articular structure; Synovial effusion, Synovial thickening, Bony enlargement
d. Limitation of Motion: Frequent on both passive and active range of movement, Related to mechanical derangement or joint pain
e. Crepitation: May be present
f. Instability: May be present
g. Locking of joint: May be present
h. Deformity: May be present, Localized to joint, Secondary to joint damage
3. Radiographic changes: Common in chronic conditions, Uncommon in acute conditions except trauma[/conditional][conditional field="Q1" condition="(Q1).is('Nonarticular')"]
1. Anatomic Structures: Tendons, Bursae, Extraarticular ligaments, Muscle, Fascia, Bone, Nerve, Skin
2. Symptoms and Signs
a. Pain/tenderness: Localized to extraarticular structure, Point tenderness, superficial
b. Pain on Movement: With active movement, With movement in specific planes, Not or rarely localized to joint
c. Swelling: May be present, Not limited to articular structure
d. Limitation of Motion: May be present but usually limited to active range of movement, Related to extraarticular mechanical abnormality, diffuse pain, or weakness
e. Crepitation: Absent/unrelated
f. Instability: Absent/unrelated
g. Locking of joint: Absent/unrelated
h. Deformity: Rare, except with antecedent trauma, Associated with extraarticular abnormality
3. Radiographic changes: Uncommon/unrelated, Soft tissue calcification[/conditional]
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reference:  [link url="" memo="Lipsky P. Algorithms for the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal complaints: A new tool for the primary-care provider. Am J Med. 1997 Dec 29;103(6A):1S-2S."][/conditional]
Articular vs Nonarticular Characteristics

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