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Physical Functional Ability (FAQ5) Score
[select name="Q1" value="1. Require total care: for bathing, toilet, dressing, moving and eating=1|2. Require frequent assistance=2|3. Require occasional assistance=3|4. Independent with self-care=4"] <--Self-care ability assessment
[select name="Q2" value="1. Unable to perform any: chores, hobbies, driving, sex and social activities=1|2. Able to perform some=2|3. Able to perform many=3|4. Able to perform all=4"] <-- Family and social ability assessment
[select name="Q3" value="1. Able to get up and walk with assistance, unable to climb stairs=1|2. Able to get up and walk independently, able to climb one flight of stairs=2|3. Able to walk short distances and climb more than one flight of stairs=3|4. Able to walk long distances and climb stairs without difficulty=4"] <-- Movement ability assessment
[select name="Q4" value="1. Able to lift up to 10 lbs. occasionally=1|2. Able to lift up to 20 lbs. occasionally=2|3. Able to lift up to 50 lbs. occasionally=3|4. Able to lift over 50 lbs. occasionally=4"] <-- Lifting ability assessment
[select name="Q5" value="1. Unable to do any work=1|2. Able to work part-time and with physical limitations=2|3. Able to work part-time or with physical limitations=3|4. Able to perform normal work=4"] <-- Work ability assessment
Physical Functional Ability (FAQ5) Score --> [calc memo="score" value="score1=((Q1)+(Q2)+(Q3)+(Q4)+(Q5))*5"] / 100
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reference: Peter S Marshall MD MPH in <a href="" target="_blank">Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI) Chronic Pain Guideline</a>
Physical Functional Ability (FAQ5) Score
<--Self-care ability assessment
<-- Family and social ability assessment
<-- Movement ability assessment
<-- Lifting ability assessment
<-- Work ability assessment
Physical Functional Ability (FAQ5) Score --> scorescore1=((Q1)+(Q2)+(Q3)+(Q4)+(Q5))*5 / 100

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