Inflammatory vs. Non-Inflammatory Arthropathy (The Arthritis Society, 2004)

Joint pain --> [select name="rf0" value="yes—with activity and rest|yes—with activity"][conditional field="rf0" condition="(rf0).is('yes—with activity and rest')"] =Inflammatory [/conditional]
Joint swelling --> [select name="rf1" value="soft tissue|bony (if present)"][conditional field="rf1" condition="(rf1).is('soft tissue')"] =Inflammatory [/conditional]
Local erythema --> [select name="rf3" value="sometimes|absent"][conditional field="rf3" condition="(rf3).is('sometimes')"] =Inflammatory [/conditional]
Local warmth --> [select name="rf4" value="sometimes|absent"][conditional field="rf4" condition="(rf4).is('sometimes')"] =Inflammatory [/conditional]
Morning stiffness --> [select name="rf5" value="more than 30 mins|less than 30 mins"][conditional field="rf5" condition="(rf5).is('more than 30 mins')"] =Inflammatory [/conditional]
Systemic sx --> [select name="rf6" value="common|rare"][conditional field="rf6" condition="(rf6).is('common')"] =Inflammatory [/conditional]
ESR, CRP --> [select name="rf7" value="increased|normal"][conditional field="rf7" condition="(rf7).is('increased')"] =Inflammatory [/conditional]
HGB --> [select name="rf8" value="normal or low|normal"][conditional field="rf8" condition="(rf8).is('normal or low')"] =Inflammatory [/conditional]
Serum Albumin --> [select name="rf9" value="normal or low|normal"][conditional field="rf9" condition="(rf9).is('normal or low')"] =Inflammatory [/conditional]
Synovial fluid WBC/mm3 --> [select name="rf10" value="more than 2000| less than 2000|Not available"][conditional field="rf10" condition="(rf10).is('more than 2000')"] =Inflammatory [/conditional]
Synovial fluid %PMN --> [select name="rf11" value="more than 75 percent| less than 75 percent|Non available"][conditional field="rf11" condition="(rf11).is('more than 75 percent')"] =Inflammatory [/conditional]
Joint pain -->
Joint swelling -->
Local erythema -->
Local warmth -->
Morning stiffness -->
Systemic sx -->
ESR, CRP -->
HGB -->
Serum Albumin -->
Synovial fluid WBC/mm3 -->
Synovial fluid %PMN -->

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