Inflammatory vs Noninflammatory Characteristics

Inflammatory vs Noninflammatory Characteristics
[select name="Q1" value="Inflammatory|Noninflammatory"][conditional field="Q1" condition="(Q1).is('Inflammatory')"]
1. Joint pain: Yes (with activity and rest) 
2. Joint swelling: Soft tissue
3. Local erythema: Sometimes
4. Local warmth: Sometimes
5. Morning stiffness:  Prolonged (More than 60 minutes)
6. Systemic symptoms: Common 
7. ESR, CRP: Increased
8. Hemoglobin: Normal or low
9. Serum albumin: Normal or low
10. Synovial fluid WBC/mL: Greater than or equal to 2000
11. Synovial fluid % PMN: Greater than or equal to 75%[/conditional][conditional field="Q1" condition="(Q1).is('Noninflammatory')"]
1. Joint pain: Yes (with activity) 
2. Joint swelling: Bony (if present)
3. Local erythema: Absent
4. Local warmth: Absent
5. Morning stiffness: Variable (Less than 60 minutes)
6. Systemic symptoms: Rare
7. ESR, CRP: Normal for age
8. Hemoglobin: Normal
9. Serum albumin: Normal
10. Synovial fluid WBC/mL: Less than 2000
11. Synovial fluid % PMN: Less than 75%[/conditional]
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reference:  [link url="" memo="Lipsky P. Algorithms for the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal complaints: A new tool for the primary-care provider. Am J Med. 1997 Dec 29;103(6A):1S-2S."][/conditional]
Inflammatory vs Noninflammatory Characteristics

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