Knee Exam

[checkbox value="Normal gait. "][checkbox value="Antalgic gait. "][checkbox value="Swelling absent. "][checkbox value="Swelling present. "][checkbox value="Able to hop on the affected leg. "][checkbox value="Unable to hop on the affected leg. "][checkbox value="Able to do a deep knee bend on the affected side. "][checkbox value="Unable to do a deep knee bend on the affected side. "]Thigh circumference left [text]  right [text] [checkbox value="No joint effusion noted. "][checkbox value="Small joint effusion noted. "][checkbox value="Large joint effusion noted. "][checkbox value="Prepatellar bursa is swollen. "][checkbox value="Infrapatellar bursa is swollen. "][checkbox value="Medial soft tissue swelling is noted. "][checkbox value="Baker's Cyst is noted. "][checkbox value="No redness or warmth is noted. "][checkbox value="Redness or warmth is noted. "][checkbox value="No medial joint line tenderness noted. "][checkbox value="Medial joint line tenderness noted. "][checkbox value="No lateral joint line tenderness noted."][checkbox value="Lateral joint line tenderness noted. "][checkbox value="Diffuse joint line tenderness consistent with degenerative arthritis noted. "][checkbox value="Peripatellar tenderness consistent with chondromalacia patellae or degenerative arthritis noted. "][checkbox value="Patellar tendon tenderness noted consistent with patellar tendonitis. "][checkbox value="Tibial tubercle tenderness and swelling consistent with Osgood-Schlatter's Disease. "][checkbox value="Tenderness to palpation over the proximal medial tibia consistent with pes anserinus bursitis. "][checkbox value="Tenderness to palpation over Gerdy's tubercle on the anterolateral tibia consistent with iliotibial band tendonitis. "]ROM Flexion [text]  Extension [text] [checkbox value="Patellar Compression Test is negative. "][checkbox value="Patellar Compression Test is positive. "][checkbox value="Patellar Inhibition Test is negative. "][checkbox value="Patellar Compression Test is positive. "][checkbox value="Patellar Apprehension Test is negative. "][checkbox value="Patellar Apprehension Test is positive. "][checkbox value="Valgus stress to test the medial collateral ligament showed no laxity. "][checkbox value="Varus stress to test the lateral collateral ligament showed no laxity. "][checkbox value="Anterior and posterior drawer tests (Lachman's test) showed no laxity. "][checkbox value="McMurray's test was negative. "][checkbox value="The patient could perform a deep knee bend without difficulty. "][checkbox value="The patient could duck-walk without difficulty. "][checkbox value="A: Knee pain. "][checkbox value="A: Patellofemoral pain. "][checkbox value="A: Potential meniscus tear. "][checkbox value="A: Patellar tendonitis. "][checkbox value="A: Anserine tendonitis. "][checkbox value="A: Degenerative arthritis of the knee. "][checkbox value="A: Prepatellar bursitis. "][checkbox value="A: Collateral ligament sprain. "][checkbox value="A: Patellar contusion. "]
Thigh circumference left right ROM Flexion Extension

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