Musculoskeletal & Rheumatology, Objective/Exam Elements
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[textarea default="KNEE: On inspection ***contours of the joint are normal/the joint is hypertrophic/there are irregular bony prominences palpable at the joint margins/the knee is swollen with effusion/there is reduced ROM/there is normal ROM***."]
[textarea default="Muscle atrophy evident: ***yes/no***"]
[textarea default="Pain on resisted extension: ***yes/no***"]
[textarea default="Strength on extension against resistance: ***normal/decreased***"]
[textarea default="Effusion (fluid wave check or patellar palpation): ***none/mild/moderate/large***"]
[textarea default="Patellar crepitus: ***none/present***"]
[textarea default="Patellar pain: ***at medial patella undersurface/at lateral patella undersurface***"]
[textarea default="Joint line pain: ***none medially or laterally/medially but not laterally/laterally but not medially/both medially and laterally***"]
[textarea default="Tendon pain: ***No pain with palpation of the patellar and quad tendons/Pain with palpation of the patellar tendon but not quadriceps tendon/Pain with palpation of the quadriceps tendon but not patellar tendon/Pain with palpation of the patellar and quad tendons***"]
[textarea default="McMurray: ***negative for crepitus and pain/McMurray positive for medial crepitus and pain/positive for medial crepitus without pain/positive for lateral crepitus and pain/positive for lateral crepitus without pain***"]
[textarea default="Bursal swelling or pain: ***No swelling or pain over the pes anserine bursa/pain with palpation over the pes anserine bursa/pain and swelling evident with palpation of the pes anserine bursa***."]
[textarea default="ROM: ***normal/Flexion is limited/Extension is limited***"]
[textarea default="Collateral ligament testing: ***shows no laxity or pain/shows medial collateral ligament pain without laxity/show lateral collateral ligament pain without laxity/shows medial collateral ligament pain and laxity/shows lateral collateral ligament pain and laxity***."]
[textarea default="Anterior drawer test and Lachman: ***shows no anterior cruciate laxity/shows ACL laxity***"]
[textarea default="Posterior drawer: ***shows no laxity/shows PCL laxity***."]
[textarea default="Popliteal space: ***with/without mass or tenderness***."]

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