Neck Exam

[textarea default="NECK: Neck and thyroid were examined showing ***anterior cervical lymphadenopathy/posterior cervical lymphadenopathy/neck tenderness/diffuse enlargement of the thyroid/neck rigidity/TMJ tenderness***."]
[textarea default="musculoskeletal findings: Palpation of neck showed ***pain/no pain*** in the ***paraspinals/midline pain over the spinous processes/trapezial ridge/levator scapula/rhomboids*** on the ***left side/right side***."]
[textarea default="ROM was ***normal/fair/decreased/moderately decreased/markedly decreased*** with ***no pain with lateral bending/pain with lateral bending*** to ***either side/left side/right side*** and ***pain/no pain/radicular pain down same side/radicular pain down both sides*** on forward flexion. "]
[textarea default="Exam of extension showed ***limitation of ROM/no limitation of extension ROM/pain in paraspinal neck area/no pain/radicular pain down same side***."]
[textarea default="Axial load test reveals ***no pain/pain/paraspinal discomfort mild on same side/radicular pain down the arm on same side/no radicular pain down the arm***."]

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