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Red Flags in the Evaluation of Radicular Neck Pain
[checklist name="Q1" value="Fever (concern for malignancy or spinal abscess)=1|History of cancer (concern for malignancy)=1|Night pain (concern for malignancy)=1|Weight loss (concern for malignancy)=1|Gait abnormality (concern for malignancy)=1|Decreased dexterity (concern for myelopathy)=1|Urinary urgency (concern for myelopathy)=1|Ataxia (concern for myelopathy)=1|Clonus (concern for myelopathy)=1|Hyperreflexia (concern for myelopathy)=1|History of intravenous drug use (concern for spinal abscess)=1|Immunocompromise (concern for spinal abscess)=1|Neurologic deficit (concern for spinal abscess)=1"]
Number of Red Flags --> [calc value="score1=(Q1)" memo="number"]
Recommendation --> [calc value="score2=(Q1);score2>0?'Directed immediate workup is required':'No red flags are present'" memo="suggestion"]
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[link url="" memo="#1"] Childress MA, Becker BA. Nonoperative Management of Cervical Radiculopathy. Am Fam Physician. 2016 May 1;93(9):746-54. [/conditional]
Red Flags in the Evaluation of Radicular Neck Pain

Number of Red Flags --> numberscore1=(Q1)
Recommendation --> suggestionscore2=(Q1);score2>0?'Directed immediate workup is required':'No red flags are present'
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