Glasgow Coma Scale

Glasgow Coma Scale
[select name="eye" value="Does not open eyes (1 point)=1|Opens eyes to painful stimulus (2 points)=2|Opens eyes to verbal stimulus (3 points)=3|Opens eyes spontaneously (4 points)=4"] <-- Eye Response
[select name="speech" value="Makes no sounds (1 point)=1|Is incomprehensible (2 points)=2|Uses words inappropriately (3 points)=3|Is disoriented or confused (4 points)=4|Is oriented; speech is normal (5 points)=5"] <-- Speech
[select name="movement" value="Does not move (1 point)=1|Exhibits abnormal extension to painful stimulus (decerebrate response) (2 points)=2|Exhibits abnormal flexion to painful stimulus (decorticate response) (3 points)=3|Withdraws from painful stimulus (4 points)=4|Responds locally to painful stimulus (5 points)=5|Obeys verbal commands (6 points)=6"] <-- Movement
Score:  [calc value="scorex=(eye)+(speech)+(movement)"]
Interpretation:  [calc value="score=(eye)+(speech)+(movement); score>12?'Mild':score>8?'Moderate':'Severe'" memo="score interpretation"]
[checkbox memo="display/hide references" name="footnotes" value=""][conditional field="footnotes" condition="(footnotes).is('')"]
[link url="//" memo="#1"] Teasdale G, Jennett B. (1974) Lancet. 1974 Jul 13;2(7872):81-4.
Glasgow Coma Scale
<-- Eye Response
<-- Speech
<-- Movement
Score: scorex=(eye)+(speech)+(movement)
Interpretation: score interpretationscore=(eye)+(speech)+(movement); score>12?'Mild':score>8?'Moderate':'Severe'
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