Neurological Exam

Observe Gait [checklist value="Normal stride and base|Posture upright and without stoop|Swings arms|Starts and stops easily, turns |Steady with heel-toe"]
Test Coordination[checklist value="Finger to nose|Pronator drift|Rhomberg (maintains balance with eyes closed)|Postural stability|Heel to shin"][checklist value="Rapid alternating movements"]
Cranial Nerve Exam (II-XII)[checklist name="Cranial Nerves" value="PERRLA B/L|EOMI, no nystagmus |Facial sensation to pinprick in all three divisions B/L|Face symmetric with normal eye closure and smile |Phonation normal|Swallowing intact |Palate elevates symmetrically|Tongue midline with midline protrusion and good lateral mvmts|SCM and trapezius strength 5/5 on both sides |Neck FROM, supple|Hearing normal to voice|Cranial nerve exam abnormal "]
Test Sensation[checklist value="Sensation to pinprick preserved distally at fingertips and toes B/L|Vibration intact in distal extremities B/L|Light touch intact throughout UE and LE B/L"] 
Inspect Muscle Bulk [checklist value="Good muscle bulk bilaterally|Atrophy|Fasciculations"]
Test Tone [checklist value="Pronation, supination|FROM around wrist joint|Extension and flexion at elbow"]
Test Power 
[checklist value="Shoulder abduction (chicken wing up)|Elbow extension, flexion (don't let me pull your arms out, pull me in) |Finger flexion, extension (don't let me straighten your fingers)|Finger abduction (try to spread out your fingers)|Hip flexion|Knee extension|Foot plantar flexion, dorsiflexion"]
Test Reflexes
[checklist value="Biceps (2+ sym)|Triceps (2+ sym)|Knee (2+ sym)|Ankle (2+ sym)|Plantarflexion (Babinski) upgoing|Reflexes abnormal"]
SUMMARY [checklist value="Alert and cooperative. Thought processes coherent. Oriented to person, place, and time. Detailed cognitive testing deferred.|Cranial Nerves II-XII intact.|Good muscle bulk and tone. Strength 5/5 bilaterally throughout. |Rapid alternating movements (RAMs), finger to nose, heel to shin intact. |Gait with normal base. |Maintains balance with eyes closed. |No pronator drift. |Pinprick, light touch, position, and vibration intact. |Reflexes 2+ and symmetric with plantar reflexes downgoing."]
Observe Gait
Test Coordination
Cranial Nerve Exam (II-XII)
Test Sensation
Inspect Muscle Bulk
Test Tone
Test Power

Test Reflexes


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