Quick NIHSS for Communicating

NIHSS = [calc value="(conscious)+(orientation)+(commands)+(finger)+(visual)+(face)+(left_arm)+(right_arm)+(left_leg)+(right_leg)+(ataxia)+(sensory)+(language)+(dysarthria)+(extinction)" memo="score"]

- [select name="conscious"  value="alert (0)=0|minor stimulation (1)=1|repeated stimulation (2)=2|not responsive (3)=3|flexed posturing (3)=3"]
- [select name="orientation"  value="both Qs correct (0)=0|one Q correct (1)=1|both Qs incorrect (2)=2"]
- [select name="commands"  value="both tasks (0)=0|one task (1)=1|zero tasks (2)=2"]
- [select name="finger"  value="nl gaze (0)=0|partial gaze palsy (1)=1|forced deviation (2)=2"]
- [select name="visual"  value="no vision loss (0)=0|partial hemianopia (1)=1|complete hemianopia (2)=2|bilateral loss (3)=3"]
- [select name="face"  value="no facial wkness (0)=0|minor facial paralysis (1)=1|partial facial paralysis (2)=2|complete facial paralysis (3)=3"]
- LUE [select name="left_arm"  value="no drift (0)=0|drift (1)=1|some antigrav (2)=2|no antigrav (3)=3|no mvmt (4)=4|amputation / jt fusion (0)=0"]
- RUE [select name="right_arm"  value="no drift (0)=0|drift (1)=1|some antigrav (2)=2|no antigrav (3)=3|no mvmt (4)=4|amputation / jt fusion (0)=0"]
- LLE [select name="left_leg"  value="no drift (0)=0|drift (1)=1|some antigrav (2)=2|no antigrav (3)=3|no mvmt (4)=4|amputation / jt fusion (0)=0"]
- RLE [select name="right_leg"  value="no drift (0)=0|drift (1)=1|some antigrav (2)=2|no antigrav (3)=3|no mvmt (4)=4|amputation / jt fusion (0)=0"]
- [select name="ataxia"  value="no ataxia (0)=0|ataxia in one limb (1)=1|ataxia in two limbs (2)=2"]
- sensory [select name="sensory"  value="nl (0 points)=0|mild to mod loss (1)=1|severe to total loss (2)=2"]
- [select name="language"  value="no aphasia (0)=0|mild to mod aphasia (1)=1|severe aphasia (2)=2|mute, global aphasia (3)=3"]
- [select name="dysarthria"  value="no dysarthria (0)=0|mild to mod dysarthria (1)=1|severe dysarthria (2)=2|intubated or physical barrier (0)=0"]
- [select name="extinction"  value="no extinction(0)=0|extinction present (1)=1|profound hemi-inattention or severe extinction (2)=2"]
NIHSS = score(conscious)+(orientation)+(commands)+(finger)+(visual)+(face)+(left_arm)+(right_arm)+(left_leg)+(right_leg)+(ataxia)+(sensory)+(language)+(dysarthria)+(extinction)

- sensory

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Sandbox Metrics: Structured Data Index 1, 16 form elements, 21 boilerplate words, 15 drop downs, 1 calculations, 15 total clicks
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