10 free features

Registered users …
(1) can save their note templates, calculators, and checklists.
(2) can customize templates with their organization’s information.
(3) can use three additional custom fields with their forms.
(4) can make 5 custom text snippets to build templates faster.
(5) get a page with all the templates they’ve written. You just type “my.soapnote.org” in your browser.
(6) can use checklists rather than checkboxes to show that you’ve addressed pertinent positives AND negatives.
(7) can temporarily save output to the scratchpad. Here’s more info on that.
(8) can save your work in a form on your computer and retrieve it later from your computer to pick up where you left off. For privacy purposes, it’s important to note that this information is not stored on our servers and it is your responsibility to manage this according to HIPAA and your organization’s own policies.
(9) can combine multiple SOAPnote forms or calculators using the Frontload feature.
(10) can make and test your own library of expandable phrases using the Shorthand feature.

We think all of these features are a big deal and we didn’t even mention sortable text areas that you can use to reorder problem lists and fillable text areas that allow you to jump from spot to spot in form. Most importantly, it’s all FREE!
… and consider making a small donation.