AP Chart Review PREs

AP Chart Review PREs
Job Title: [text name="job_title" default=""]
Work Group: [select name="work_group" value="YYY|NNN|NYN|YYN"]
DOH:[date name="DOH" default=""] [text name="DOH_text" default=""]

Medication: [select name="medication" value="none|yes|"]
[text name="medication" default=""]
Allergies: [select name="allergies" value="none|yes|"]
[text name="allergies" default=""]
Health Hx: [select name="health_hx" value="reviewed, cleared|yes|"]
[text name="health_hx" default=""]
Respiratory Questionnaire: [select name="fit_test" value="reviewed, cleared|"]
[text name="fit_test" default=""]
ARCH questionnaire: [select name="ARCH" value="reviewed, cleared|N/A"]
[text name="ARCH" default=""]
[checklist name="immunizations" value="COVIDx3|Flu UTD|TDAP UTD|PPDx2|IGRA/Quantiferon UTD|HepBx3|HepB titer|MMRx2|VZVx2|MMR titer|VZV titer"]
[text name="immunizations" default=""]

[select name="needs" value="PPD x2 or IGRA w/in 90 days of hire + fit test|"]
[text name="needs" default=""]
AP Chart Review PREs
Job Title:
Work Group:



Health Hx:

Respiratory Questionnaire:

ARCH questionnaire:



Result - Copy and paste this output:

Sandbox Metrics: Structured Data Index 0.5, 18 form elements, 19 boilerplate words, 9 text boxes, 1 dates, 1 check lists, 7 drop downs, 28 total clicks
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