ED Handoff

[text size=3]YO[select name="variable_1" value="M|F|NB"] being admitted for [text name="variable_1" default="sample text"] 
They present to the ER with [text name="variable_2" default="CHIEF COMPLAINT"][textarea name="variable_1" default="HPI"]. PMH includes [textarea name="variable_2" default="HTN, COPD, HF, DM..ETC"]
In the ED: [text name="variable_3" default="Medications Given."]. 
    -Remarkable labs are [text name="variable_4" default="Labs... i.e. Trop BNP"]
    -Imaging showed: [checkbox name="variable_5" value="CT|Xray|US"][text name="variable_3" default="Pertinant Results"]
Assessment wise:
    -Neuro: AOx[select name="variable_1" value="1|2|3|4"][text name="variable_5" default="Defecits"]
   - Cardio: [select name="variable_6" value=" NSR| Afib|ST|SB|Other"] Blood pressures have been [select name="variable_7" value="Normal|High|Low"][text name="variable_1" default="HR and BP range"]
   - Pulm: [select name="variable_8" value="RA|NC |NRB|BiPAP|Vent"]
        Lung sounded [text name="variable_9" default="Wheeze, diminished, Crackles"]
   -GI/GU:[checkbox name="variable_10" value="Soft NonTender |Pain "][select name="variable_1" value="LUQ|RUQ|LLQ|RLQ"]
    -Skin:[select name="variable_11" value="Intact|Wounds"][text name="variable_1" default="Wound Location"]
    -Mobility: [select name="variable_12" value="Indep |Assist 1-2|Max / Bedbound"]
    -IV:[text name="variable_13" default="Site 1"][text name="variable_1" default="Site 2"]
Any Questions or Concerns? 
YO being admitted for
They present to the ER with
. PMH includes

In the ED: .
-Remarkable labs are
-Imaging showed:
Assessment wise:
-Neuro: AOx
- Cardio: Blood pressures have been
- Pulm:
Lung sounded
Any Questions or Concerns?

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