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CONST:[select name="variable_1" value="Well-nourished,|Fairly well-nourished,|Poorly nourished,|Obese,|Morbidly obese,"][select name="variable_2" value="well-developed |fairly well-developed |poorly developed|developed"][select name="variable_4" value="male |female "]appearing [select name="variable_5" value="stated age.|older than stated age.|younger than stated age."]
EYES:[select name="variable_6" value="PERRL, |Pupils unequal, |Pupils dilated, |Pupils constricted,"][select name="variable_7" value="no conjunctival injection, |conjunctiva injected, |sclera icteric, "][select name="variable_8" value="and symmetrical lids.|and asymmetrical lids.|ptosis left.|ptosis right."]
ENMT:[select name="variable_9" value="Atraumatic external nose and ears. |choice B|choice C"][select name="variable_10" value="Moist MM.|Dry MM."]
NECK:[select name="variable_11" value="Symmetric, |Asymmetric, |choice C"][select name="variable_12" value="trachea midline, |trachea deviated left, |trachea deviated right, "][select name="variable_13" value="no thyromegaly.|thyromegaly noted. |choice C"]
CVS:[select name="variable_14" value="+S1/S2,|choice B|choice C"] [select name="variable_15" value="no murmurs or gallops.|choice B|choice C"] [select name="variable_16" value="Peripheral pulses 2+ and equal in all extremities.|choice B|choice C"]
RESP:[select name="variable_17" value="Unlabored respiratory effort.|choice B|choice C"] [select name="variable_18" value="Clear to auscultation bilaterally.|Wheezes Noted.|Increased expiratory phase."]
GI:[select name="variable_19" value="Nontender/nondistended, |Tender, |Distended, "][select name="variable_20" value="no hepatosplenomegaly.|enlarged liver.|enlarged spleen."]
MSK:[select name="variable_21" value="Normocehpalic/atraumatic, |choice B|choice C"][select name="variable_22" value="extremities without deformity.|choice B|choice C"] [select name="variable_23" value="No cyanosis or clubbing.|choice B|choice C"]
SKIN:[select name="variable_24" value="Warm,|Hot,|Cool,|Cold, "][select name="variable_25" value="dry.|moist.|clammy."] [select name="variable_26" value="No rashes or lesions.|choice B|choice C"]
NEURO:[select name="variable_27" value="CN's II-XII grossly intact.|choice B|choice C"] [select name="variable_28" value="Sensation grossly intact.|choice B|choice C"]
PSYCH:[select name="variable_29" value="Awake, alert, & oriented x 3.|choice B|choice C"] [select name="variable_30" value="Appropriate mood and affect.|choice B|choice C"]

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Sandbox Metrics: Structured Data Index 1, 29 form elements, 12 boilerplate words, 29 drop downs, 29 total clicks
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