Low Back Pain Exam

[textarea name="variable_1" cols=65 rows=30 fillable="true" default="General Appearance: ***no/mild/moderate*** distress.  Patient ***is/is not*** able to ambulate well.  The gait ***is/is not*** antalgic.
Straight leg raising is ***negative on the left/negative on the right/positive on the left/positive on the right*** for radicular symptoms.
Sensory exam in the legs ***is normal/is abnormal***.
Knee reflexes ***are normal and symmetric/are reduced in left knee/are reduced in right knee/are absent in left knee/are absent in right knee***.
Ankle reflexes ***are normal and symmetric/are reduced in left ankle/are reduced in right ankle/are absent in left ankle/are absent in right ankle***.
Strength ***is normal and symmetric/weakness in left leg/weakness in right leg***.  
Paraspinal muscle spasm: ***none/mild/moderate/severe/right/left/bilateral***.  
There is ***no/mild/moderate/severe*** midline tenderness.
ROM of spine ***normal/generally reduced/flexion normal/flexion reduced/extension normal/extension reduced/lateral flexion to right normal/lateral flexion to right reduced/lateral flexion to left normal/lateral flexion to left reduced/rotation to right normal/rotation to right reduced/rotation to left normal/rotation to left/reduced***."]
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