Vital signs: T [text size="4"] F, HR [text size="4"] bpm, RR [text size="4"], BP [text size="4"]/[text size="4"], SpO2 [text size="2"]% [select value="RA|2LNC|"]
Resident on [select value="IV|PO"] [select value="Ceftriaxone|Cefipime|Penicillin||"] for [text size="10"]. [checkbox value="PIV|PICC|Midline"] [select value="Right|Left|"] [select value="Arm|Upper arm|Forearm|Wrist|AC|"] [checkbox value="patent|no inflammation or  infiltration on vascular access site|with blood return|skin warm and dry around site |denies pain, tenderness|no leaking around site|dressing clean dry intact"]
Adverse Reactions [checkbox value="None noted at this time. Breathing even and non-labored. Denies chest pain or SOB|Rash|Soft stools, diarrhea|Upset stomach|Fungal (yeast) infections like thrush|Will continue to monitor|"]
Vital signs: T F, HR bpm, RR , BP /, SpO2 %
Resident on for .
Adverse Reactions

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