Cough, conditional

[select name="Cough" value="No|c/o"] coughing [conditional field="Cough" condition="(Cough).is('c/o')"][select name="prod" value="nonproductive|productive"][/conditional][conditional field="prod" condition="(prod).is('productive')"] [select value="clear|congested|phlegm|hemoptysis|"][/conditional][conditional field="prod" condition="(prod).is('nonprodctive')"][select value="dry|noncongested"][/conditional]
[checkbox value="other associated symptoms|Acute cough|chronic cough|sensation of postnasal drip|frequent hawking (throat clearing)|nasal stuffiness|with sore throat|regurgitation of food|halitosis|dysphagia|croupy or barking cough|change in voice|inspiratory stridor|coughing with talking|worse upon rising in morning|progressive dyspnea|nocturnal cough|frequent heartburn|purulent sputum|dry cough|brassy cough|absent during sleep"]

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Sandbox Metrics: Structured Data Index 1, 8 form elements, 1 boilerplate words, 1 checkboxes, 4 drop downs, 3 conditionals, 26 total clicks
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