Assessment & Plan Elements
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Patient discharged to [checkbox value="home|crisis Unit|Hope House|Bangor Area Shelter|friend's house|with mother|with father|with significant other|with friend|by taxi|by city bus|by personal vehicle|by Maine Care|by foot"][text size="40"]. Patient presented as [checkbox value="Bright|Euthymic|Constricted|Blunted|Flat|Dysphoric|Anxious|Irritable|Agitated|Sad|Depressed|Disorganized|Responding to internal stimuli"] at time of discharge. [checkbox value="Patient denied homicidal ideation at time of discharge."] [checkbox value="Patient denied suicidal ideation at time of discharge."] [checkbox value="Patient was oriented and ambulatory at time of discharge."] [checkbox value="Patient provided list of follow up appointments and prescriptions for medications"][text size="40"]. CCardurns, PMHNP-BC
Patient discharged to . Patient presented as at time of discharge. . CCardurns, PMHNP-BC
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