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[textarea cols=80 rows=5 default="Epidermal cyst - minimal excision
After obtaining informed consent, the patient's identity, procedure, and site were verified during a pause prior to proceding with the minor surgical procedure as per universal protocol recommendations.
The area was prepared with ***Betadine/Alcohol/Chlorhexidine/prep solution*** and draped.
***1% Xylocaine/1% Xylocaine with Epinephrine/2% Xylocaine/0.5% Bupivicaine*** local anaesthetic was used for anesthesia.
The cyst was incised with a #11 blade and the contents evacuated with pressure.
***Hemostasis achieved with pencil point cautery without difficulty./Hemostasis achieved with pressure without difficulty.***
Bacitracin and bandaid applied.
Tolerated well. Negligible blood loss.
Routine instructions were given to the patient to return if any signs of infection."]
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[link url="//" memo="#1"] AAFP article on minimal excision technique. Zuber (2002) Am Fam Physician 65(7):1409[/conditional]

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