Initial pain soap

Team member presents today with [select name="side" value="left|right|bilateral|front|left sided|right sided"] [checkbox name="where" value="wrist pain|hand pain|thumb pain|elbow pain|forearm pain|bicep pain|back pain|shoulder pain|knee pain|ankle pain|neck pain|leg pain|foot pain"].
Symptoms started [select name="time" value="today|yesterday|2-3 days ago|4-6 days ago|1 week ago|2 weeks ago|3-4 weeks ago|a month ago|more than a month ago"]. [select name="heshe" value="he|she"] first noticed symptoms when [text name="what" size="15"].
Symptoms [select name="symptoms" value="have gradually worsened|have gradually improved|have remained the same since onset|have rapidly improved|have rapidly worsened|have resolved"]. [select name="hisher" value="his|her"] pain level today is [select name="pain" value="1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10"]/10. 
[select name="heshe" value="he|she"] has tried [checkbox name="tried" value="Ice|heat|ibuprofen|tylenol|icy hot|rest|stretching|working with ergo|wearing a brace|***"] with [select name="help" value="no relief|minimal relief|moderate relief|significant relief|***"]. 
Physical Examination:
Flexion: [select name="exam" value="normal|normal with discomfort|normal with pain|diminished|significantly reduced|unable to perform"]
Extension:[select name="exam1" value="normal|normal with discomfort|normal with pain|diminished|significantly reduced|unable to perform"]
Range of Motion:[select name="exam2" value="normal|normal with discomfort|normal with pain|diminished|significantly reduced|unable to perform"]
Push/Pull Testing: [select name="exam3" value="normal|push force weakened, pull force normal|push force normal, pull force weakened|weakened|***|"]
Other:[text name="other1" size="15"].

In Office:
[checkbox name="inoffice" value="Ice pack the area 97010 |Heat pack, 97010 infrared heat 97026 |Acupuncture 97810/97811 |Acupuncture with Estim 97813/97814|Massage therapy 97124 |Therapuetic stretching 97110|Fire cupping 97140|Herbal formula|Provided exercise and stretching handout].
Record of injury [select name="ROI" value="is not required.|is required and was completed.|is required and missed, will call team member back to complete.|***|"]
[checkbox name="plan" value=Mineral infrared heat lamp|Take herbal formula twice a day|Acupuncture treatment 97810|Take tylenol every 6-8 hours as needed|Massage therapy|Perform provided stretches 3-5 times daily|Apply warm compression to the area 2-3 times daily as needed|Wear brace while working, remove during breaks and at night|Follow up with your primary care physician|Follow up with chiropractor or physical therapist|Follow up with workman comp physican|***"|]
Team member presents today with .
Symptoms started . first noticed symptoms when .
Symptoms . pain level today is /10.
has tried with .
Physical Examination:
Range of Motion:
Push/Pull Testing:

In Office:
Record of injury

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